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Day 317 – Love

A Battle-cry, A Flowering Virtue, And Particulars


Love is

– a battle cry

echoed through

the passage of time –

life’s mounting

passion that

breathes a fierce

beauty through

our emanating souls.


Love is

– a flowering

virtue that instills

a waking wisdom

in the soil of life –

life’s labor that

lifts the heart and

washes the soul with

a fierce grace that

shines through

our vulnerable hearts.


Love is

– nothing short

of true that love’s

not all the particulars

of the beloved, those

minute details –

a breath of solace

that brings two

souls peace through

the union of sharing

space within each

still beating heart.



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Day 316 – New Moon, Full Moon

Answer And Question


The answer comes

as the new moon dawns,

a convergence of two

souls bound by love obtains

the holy salvation that

being lost in the wilderness

of your beloved’s heart

can afford; so stray many

steps as you find your

newer self through the

light and love of your

beloved’s gracious glances.


The question is lost

as the full moon approaches,

a union of two hearts

bound by loving

affections that forestall

the coming attractions

of a sanctified life born

of love, strange as love’s

path seems to us, it takes

getting lost in the smallest

of places to find the greatest

meaning in the depths of

love’s convergence into

the infinities of life that

enable us to embrace love.

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