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Day 326 – Wisdom Speaks of Love

Through This Life


Through this life

knowledge comes

as shortly as it goes,

and in the time

centered in those

two points of stretched

convenience we say we

know something, a

simple truth, but then

once that point is past

the mind becomes blind,

the mind forgets, and we

are no better off for having

known some truth exists.


Through this life

wisdom comes slowly

to us, and only through

slowness does wisdom

take root, anchoring

into our hearts, the seat

of our soul, to give lasting

breath to the wisdom that

is yet to be born from the

plunging seed buried by

our breath into the great

depths of our heart. Seeing

that no point will come

where this wisdom fades

and that we are ever altered

by the sacredness of our

innate wisdom; the essential

point is that we are a soul

experiencing existence to

share in a bountiful love.

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Day 325 – Release

Love’s Release


Release. This moment.

Let it go

this it-ness in life.

Take a breath

and let all take place

that shall pass.

Release. This moment.


Relax with this breath.

Let all go

this all-ness in love.

Breathe it in

and let this moment

pass in love.

Relax with this breath.


Release. This moment.

Let it go!

This it-ness in life

that speaks love.

Let all pass that may

in love’s breath.

Release. This moment.

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Day 324 – To Awaken

Once I Slept


Having looked around

in morning’s dim glow,

I can finally see that

my previous entertainments,

those exercises and passages,

have been created by a dreaming

mind, never the dreamer, but

the dream itself.  All those travels,

those innocent meetings, all the

accolades I have and may have

received, all those events are just

a mist before my eyes, veiling

the truth of my sleeping heart.

Upon seeing you, the veil of

tears that laid across my face,

hiding my slumbering eyes, was

finally cast off of me, and I could

see the beauty of pain mixed

with the grace of pleasure.

My heart has finally  awaken

to your touch, and through

your grace I have awoken to

the momentum of this life. Ever

eager is this heart of mine to see

where our love will take us, we

two children of love, together.

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Day 323 – I Could Lift



With the strength

you’ve shown

I could lift you

to the pleasures

of heaven with

the winged energy

of our delight.

With that truth

I could use your

practiced strengths

and stretch them

until they reach for

our contradictions –

for far inside us, we

two together, gods

wish to consult

with sacred love.

Holding to that

strength, I could

find my bravery in

the face of unprompted

vulnerability and tear

off the mask veiled

in vanities and extend

my unprotected heart

to you who holds my

future in your hands.

With the strength

you’ve shared I could

lift our lives where

love speaks through

authentic spontaneity

dancing always with

the grand design of

coincidental synchronicity

where love keeps eternity

in it’s infinite grasp

for eternity is like love.


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Day 322 – Feel The Universe

Truth And Knowledge


What is this that we know?

This that pervades life

ever anon and contains

man in the field of love.

what do we know that

needs our expression?

Feel the entire universe

looking out onto itself

through your eyes and

know that greatness

lies always within.



What truth do we seek?

This truth that lives in the life

of love igniting the sacred

wisdom that guides our souls.

What is this Truth?

Breathe deep to calm the sacred

heart and  instill the peace

that is needed to live what

is true. Reveal to those who

have the eyes to see the sacred

truth and your truth shall

be revealed to this sacred world.

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Day 321 – It Comes

One Point


It comes down to this:

life brings love to our meaning;

morning arms reach towards

resting beauty’s sacred sight

always striving for

one point of contact with your

love’s mystified dignity.


It goes with our love:

this feeling of connection

binding our hearts through

time and experiences;

one point of contact

propels the probing mind to

gathers the love in our hearts.


It beings like this:

the mounting a passions within

a desirous

kiss: this one point of contact

leads to the finding

of two souls already whole

made fuller with a shared love.



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Day 320 – I Found

The Last Everything


I found

in the last breath

of my waking

state a world

that dances to

the sacred rhythms

of a whispering

heart. I found

when my breath

had given out, that

your heart’s breath

nourished my soul.


I found

in the last beat

of your dreaming

heart a beauty that

becomes one with

the life that is shared

in love, a beauty

that becomes

a soul that loves

eternally. I found

when your heart

gave it’s last beat,

that my heart

nourished your love.



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Day 319 – Singing As I Go

1000 Mystics


I come

with the 1000

hidden mystics

dancing to

the rhythms

of time

singing as

I go:

what we spend

through life

is only love.


I come

with a heart

so crowned,

sparkling of

the gleaming

love others

have when they

enter into the

mystic night

unaware of

the light they

perpetually carry.


I come

home to love

speaking of

the heart’s

true vision;

a melting down

of the world’s

possessions and

diffusing patterns

for the passions

of our sacred



I come

with the 1000

hidden mystics

carrying with me

the singular needle

from which eye

I saw your

sacred magnifigance

singing as

I saw:

what we spend

through life

is only

our love.

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