Day 323 – I Could Lift



With the strength

you’ve shown

I could lift you

to the pleasures

of heaven with

the winged energy

of our delight.

With that truth

I could use your

practiced strengths

and stretch them

until they reach for

our contradictions –

for far inside us, we

two together, gods

wish to consult

with sacred love.

Holding to that

strength, I could

find my bravery in

the face of unprompted

vulnerability and tear

off the mask veiled

in vanities and extend

my unprotected heart

to you who holds my

future in your hands.

With the strength

you’ve shared I could

lift our lives where

love speaks through

authentic spontaneity

dancing always with

the grand design of

coincidental synchronicity

where love keeps eternity

in it’s infinite grasp

for eternity is like love.



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