Day 326 – Wisdom Speaks of Love

Through This Life


Through this life

knowledge comes

as shortly as it goes,

and in the time

centered in those

two points of stretched

convenience we say we

know something, a

simple truth, but then

once that point is past

the mind becomes blind,

the mind forgets, and we

are no better off for having

known some truth exists.


Through this life

wisdom comes slowly

to us, and only through

slowness does wisdom

take root, anchoring

into our hearts, the seat

of our soul, to give lasting

breath to the wisdom that

is yet to be born from the

plunging seed buried by

our breath into the great

depths of our heart. Seeing

that no point will come

where this wisdom fades

and that we are ever altered

by the sacredness of our

innate wisdom; the essential

point is that we are a soul

experiencing existence to

share in a bountiful love.


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