Day 327 – Guidance

With Your Heart As My Guide


With your guiding heart

all things come with love and leave

with a lasting joy

forever roaming this world

seeking unguarded

hearts and expressive actions

sustaining Nature’s pure love.


With your breathing soul

all events will come to pass

through the heart’s realm where

with new experiences

life gently expands

to contain all that live in

love’s sacred world held in us.


With your beating heart

the clarion bells of our

union perched higher

in our consciousness shall sound

with a powerful

vigor to harmonize with

Nature’s truest song: Life’s Love.


With your sacred soul

water flows through fire’s flame

not taking the less

but making more so that our

love will grow in time

echoing each others’ words

with love’s passing sentiment.


With your guiding heart

all experiences that

come to pass in the

lives of humanity shall

certainly arrive

through the heart of humankind

to breathe wholly knowing love.


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