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Day 357 – Truths



I came here

searching for

truth, any truth,

looking here and

looking there never

finding the truth that

would speak to my

heart. I stilled my

passions to inactivity

in hope of glimpsing

the truth between

the breathes, that

point of no return

where you can’t take

in any more air, but

have yet to release the

breath out. I found a

truth there, but it was

not the truth I was

looking for. I looked

at the space between

the seconds, each

separate second coming

from the ends of the

second that proceeded it,

and I found a truth there,

but again, it wasn’t, my truth,

it wasn’t the truth I needed.

Then I saw you, and my

heart knew, I saw you

and my soul lit up, I saw

you and found my truth

within your heart. A love

so crowned has lifted

both of our hearts up and

elevated our radiant souls

to outshine the sun. I found

my truth, I found my love

within your soul, and I

found that love was

looking back at me

through your eyes.

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Day 356 – To See And To Touch

Sleeping Truths


I have seen your

truth, the wild

wonderment that

lies in secrecy. I have

peered through

the depths of time

and space gazing

through your

cosmic face as you

lie blanketed within

the arms of slumber.

Brushing the hair

off of your resting

cheek, I chanced a

touch of sacredness,

a caressing hand

bringing our two

hearts together.

Lying there, not

wishing to move

but for a second,

a minute, an hour,

a life; eternity

woke through your

furtive movements,

and in that breath,

I saw eternity merge

with our infinite

souls and in that

coalescing magnitude

life’s sacred beauty

was born to love.

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Day 355 – The Works Of Nature

Set Up In Hearts


Nature works in

auspicious ways,

ascribing parts

of her self to

different people,

so I cannot say for

everyone, but I

have come to find,

quite by chance,

the reason I am

here. I knew it

as soon as I bore

witness to your

magnificence. I

knew that the

reason I came to

this place was to

spread the words,

and speak your

sacred truths; my

reason for being

here is to love you,

love you above all.


I go wandering here,

and get lost there, but

in the process I can

see the source of

my happiness, the

springs of joy’s

radiance, and I

find that it is always

born from your

smile, the source

of all the happiness

this world has to

offer for me comes

from the diffused

meanings your heart

brings to my world.

Life and experiece

has taught me that you,

you are the source to

my lasting happiness.


Every person; you and I

and every other life,

sets up in their hearts

a cause to champion,

for some it is love,

for others it may be

patriotism, and still

others may be more

materially inclined, but

I, I have set up in my

raw and bloodied heart

a cause worthy of my

life eternal, and that

cause is you, all that

I do, all that I am, and

all that I am to become

is forever linked to

honoring you, you

whom life has blessed

with such beauty and

grace that I can’t help

but to cry at your sight.



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Day 354 – Your Awakening

The Truth Of Your Vision


The celestial garden

of your awakening

has opened up the

blossoms of love

within my heart,

forever giving

the sweet fragrance

of your sacred love.

Through your sight,

the true vision of

love – a greater

union of things seen

and unseen becomes

a melding of many

worlds  revolving

towards love. In your

hands I place my soul’s

ambition, my heart’s

dream, and my future’s

path, so that you may

place them in the

vault of your mind

and the altar of

your bountiful heart.

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Day 353 – Laylat -alQadr

A Day Without You


It was on an evening

quite like this, my

Laylat – alQadr,

a night of destiny,

where my fated path

brought our two

hearts together,

embracing each

other’s sacred love

with honesty and

grace. Since that

night of destiny,

the night where our

fated paths had

crossed, I have grown

more grand with your

loving hands. I crave

your silences, as I

desire your presence,

for a day without

your beauty, a day

without your grace,

is a day where my

heart cannot breathe.

You have given this

heart breath, passion,

reason, and most

importantly love.



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Day 352 – Magic Elixir

A Heart-Shaped Cup


Take this,

this heart-

shaped cup

filled to the

brim with

my love and

add your

sweetest kiss.


Drink this,

this magic

elixir that

has been

brewing in

my heart

until you

came with

your truth

and answers.


Take this,

this riddle

of my heart

and in your

sacred silences

pour forth

the answer

that only

you could

give with

your love.


Drink this,

this magic

potion that


our lives

through the

love our

eternal heart

shares in

continual joy.

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Day 351 – A Morning

The Sunrise


A cool morning’s chill

brings a curious delight

tinged with discomfort,

a blending of pleasure and

pain, to the bare skin that

feels the kiss of the wind

and the softness of this

morning’s tear softens the

tightened skin bringing

a wet cool dampness to

further chill the body, all

the while you inch your

body closer to mine in the

hopes to steal my body’s heart.

I, with love in my heart and

ease in my soul, put my

arms around you and pull

you closer still, freely giving

you all the warmth my

body possesses, for you have

given this heart (and soul)

an ever-lasting ecstasy that

is your love. Senses start to

mingle, the scent of your

morning’s body, the scent of

our coffee, and the scent of

Roses, Lavender, and Tansy

all permeate around us. The

chill of the air, dampness of

Earth, and the warmth of our

bodies and the coffee mugs in

our hands confuse our minds

between warmth and chilliness.

Then it happens, I turn to look

at you, slowly and subtly as you

continue to watch the sun start

to rise, and I see the sun’s first

rays start to dance around your

face, and I can’t decide which,

which is the more beautiful

sight, the vision of the sun

starting to cast it’s glories out

across the lands in the burning

fog, or the way your face looks,

with your unkempt hair, sleep

still in your eyes, shoulder nestled

into my ribs and head resting on

my shoulder. I now know why

god delights in beauty and

breathes through love.

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Day 350 – Living Life

Natural Sights


As the rose unfurls

her petals each morning

to face the rising sun,

so I open my heart

to embrace your

edifying love,

fulfilling life’s

manifold destiny –

to love with a heart

of pristine gratitude.


As the moon rises

each evening to

shower the dark world

with a glistening glow,

so I continually look

within to see truths,

and I have learned that

I have lived a thousand

lives but never lived this

experience, I have learned

a thousand things, but

have never had this

knowledge, I have loved

a thousand different

ways, but have never

loved completely, and

seeing my final truth I

realize that I have never

lived, never knew, and have

never truly experienced

love until you.


As the trees reach

their roots down into

earth to find their home,

so I root my love down

into your heart to find

the sacred space where

our love can grow and

through your nuturing

grace I can breathe

easier to settle into this

life, to live what is to

be lived, and more

importantly, to love all

who is to be loved.

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Day 349 – Born Of The Unknown



From the nearer, born

of the unknown and off

into it’s further depths,

our thoughts descend

baring precious pearls

of momentary wisdom,

bright flashes of gleaming

light before the darkening

abyss of uncertainty, and

through those myriad

thoughts, I finally come to

see the truth of life, that the

procession of life is littered

with beguiled gifts, gifts

unsought but needed: the gift

of trials; of a broken heart – or

two; of loss; of pain; of labors;

of anger, jealousy and rage. Yes,

this meandering path that our

lives follows is littered with

these gifts and more. It is

with these gifts that life

moves always forward,

always onward towards

something greater, more

lovely, and worthwhile. It

has come from the nearer

born of the unknown that I

have found my most precious

gift this life has to offer, this

gracious gift of being able to

not only see, but to spend time

with the specter of divine

beauty that is my goddess;

and that you feel the same

is what builds this home in

our sacred hearts.

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Day 348 – Your Sacred Love



In the silence

of one’s voice

we can hear

the wisdom of

love singing

out, calling

each of us to

give our edges,

along with our

centers, to give

all we have, to

that love, and

live the wisdom

of life itself.


In the silence

of one’s heart

we can hear

the wisdom of

life call to us,

inviting us to

give all unto

that sacredness

dwelling within

the seed of eternal

love, and then

to breath and

let all go, for in

this letting go,

all of life breaths

in this sacredness

that is love.


In the silence

of one’s voice

we can hear

the truth of

Love’s unified

call, singing forth

joy as all of life

celebrate the

greatness living

within your

beautiful heart

reflecting out

into this wild

and wondrous

world speaking

aloud of your love.

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