Day 339 – It Is Good

Little Moments


It is good

these little moments

that allow for

grand introspection –

a glance at your beloved,

a subtle breath, a lasting

sigh, these little moments

that bring us back to

our sacredness, back

to our mind’s palace

where love and

beauty reign.

It is good.


It is good,

following the sun

towards your greater

self, taking these

little moments all

to yourself, feigning

to live in your past

pains or to disregard

what has yet to come

along with your thoughts

too; but to bask in this

moment with your full

intention in your sacredness.

These little moments that

bring you back to your

holy self and allows

you to bask in love.

It is good.


It is good.

These little moments

where two beings

connect in love to

share the same mind;

to find that magic

in life that merges

us, we two together,

into one being made

whole with love. So take

these moments when

they come, and find the

space between our breaths

to grow in our shared

sacredness born of love.

It is good.


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