Day 342 – Our Beloved

Knowing Only Love


Life comes as breath

through the windows

of our soul, fleeting

as a lasting gasp through

the motives of a blended

heart, for as life goes,

death comes as the other

side of the same coin, and

beyond life lies death, but

greater still, beyond

death lies the eternal land

where love and lover merge

into one entity that eternity

cannot touch, knowing only love.


We, being born into this

wild and wicked world,

breathe beauty for nothing

is as powerful as beauty

in the space of wickedness.

We, being born into this life,

will surely come to pass into

the realm of death’s darkness,

but fear not my love and lovers,

for while we are living, we

light the eternal candles in

our hearts that shall shine

forth through the waiting world

where death lives peacefully,

and in that darkness we, we

two together, shall know

one another through our candles

lit with our love, and that shall

guide us through death into the

final realm where love reigns,

blending and mending lovers

with their beloved, knowing

only love shall be our truth.


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