Day 345 – Edges

Keeps And Gardens


You have torn down

the walls of my heart’s

ramparts and stormed

the keep, keeping nothing

untouched, but through

your touch have made

everything sacred. You

pushed back the edges

of who I was, allowing

our communal growth

through our love’s

expansion. Through your

actions I have become larger,

more grand than I thought

possible, and through my

growth you have found

your home, for as I was

expanding you were moving

into my heart, placing

your future within my love.


I have planted the garden

of love’s perfume within

your soul, mixing up the

fertile soul tinged with

heartache and loneliness

to nourish the growth of

our love. I water your

fields of beauty with my

tears of happiness of which

you inspire, pushing your

boundaries of love to forever

encapsulate the sharpness

of love’s decision. I tend to

this garden seeking to win

the truest flavor of our shared

love and am ever hopeful

to always nurture our love

so that you may always

enjoy the fruits and flowers

of love’s labors won.


We seek always for each

other’s awareness in love,

expanding and nurturing

our unified growth forever

reaching past our previous

boundaries, as we breathe

towards a greater inclusion

in our love. We bridge our

differences with love’s

sharpness, for love needs sharp

edges or it is not a lasting

love, so we seek out our

defiance and pain in life

(and love) to ease that

harshness together and to

grow always together, seeking

always to learn, expand, nurture

and in the end, to find ourselves

nestled within the heart of

love, our sacredness in life.


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