Day 349 – Born Of The Unknown



From the nearer, born

of the unknown and off

into it’s further depths,

our thoughts descend

baring precious pearls

of momentary wisdom,

bright flashes of gleaming

light before the darkening

abyss of uncertainty, and

through those myriad

thoughts, I finally come to

see the truth of life, that the

procession of life is littered

with beguiled gifts, gifts

unsought but needed: the gift

of trials; of a broken heart – or

two; of loss; of pain; of labors;

of anger, jealousy and rage. Yes,

this meandering path that our

lives follows is littered with

these gifts and more. It is

with these gifts that life

moves always forward,

always onward towards

something greater, more

lovely, and worthwhile. It

has come from the nearer

born of the unknown that I

have found my most precious

gift this life has to offer, this

gracious gift of being able to

not only see, but to spend time

with the specter of divine

beauty that is my goddess;

and that you feel the same

is what builds this home in

our sacred hearts.


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