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A Thousand Things

With Gilded Wings
I boldly

come to

your open 

heart and

enter with

a thousand 

hidden mystics.

We praise 

your sacred love

as you give life

a cause to rejoice

in divine beauty.
You light up

this world 

with an 


love as your

heart burns

as bright as

a thousand

exploding suns. 

Shine forth

your light in

the knowledge

that you deserve

nothing short 

of love.
We find

love daily


inside our

souls for when

love opens our

hearts, it unites

our souls, elevating 

life to heights

unknown with

love’s gilded wings.

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To Follow

The Direction Of Love


I followed

my soul in

the direction

of love and

found you


caring for

my vulnerable

heart. You

became sole

owner of

my heart and

all that it holds

in secrecy, while

I, I became who

I was always meant

to be, the one who

lives the love others

keep in secrecy

for themselves.

That love, I give

to you, you who

possesses my heart

as our two souls

merge into one.

For love joins all

things with an

equitable shower

of divine bliss.

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It Does Happen Sometimes



It happened slowly

but was impossible

to stop, it came, and

it happened to me

as it happens to

every life exposed

to bear the heart’s

truth. It happened

on a day like this,

and on that day, I

found my wings,

found them being

pinned by love,

but through you I

also found that my

soul still soars, higher

than I ever could

have imagined. It

happened and

I am happy.

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You Came To Know Love

Bear The Presence


You came

bearing the

presence that

you so dearly

hold to, taking

it with you


you go like it

was worthy of

your sacredness.


You come

speaking truths

through loving

wisdom, blessing

this world, with

each step you

take, and all who

meet you on your

path better for

having met you.


You go

always in

the direction

of your heart,

following no

one but your

intuition. Looking

here and going

there always

towards beauty.


You went

with full sail

towards love,

and love found

you in my heart,

blessing me with

a greatness I

could never

have grasped

through life’s

path without

your sacred


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Day 365 – One Year

A Year Of Moments


One year –

it passes

quickly, yet

Ohh, so slowly.

Life spent here

in an emotion

is worth more

for the life

experience, that

the time that

would have just

passed you by.

Live this moment,

and live it with

a full heart, for a

life half lived

garners only half

the joy that is

gained and the

other half is spent

in the what-ifs

*what if I gave

everything to my


*what is I lived

completely filled

with love?

*what if I went

after all my dreams?

*what if I ventured

forth in a new direction?


All these half wishes,

all these hopes and

dreams you carry

within you, and with

you are meant to be

fulfilled, or at the very

least attempted for

life experience, so

take this year, take

this month, this week,

this day to do your

sacred work, your

visible love in this

life, and do it with love.

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Day 364 – I Can See

Closed Eyes


I can see

with closed

eyes and an

open soul a

world that

dances to the

rhythm of

our love.


I can see

with eyes

wide shut

and an open

heart, a beauty

that moves

to the flow

of our grace.


I can see

with closed eyes

and an open

heart, a soul

made more

grand through

the sacred

pressence of

your love.


I can see

with eyes

wide shut

and an open

soul, a world

made whole

and vibrant

through the


of our always

abounding love.

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Day 363 – You And I

When Love Unites


You live here

and work there,

you inhale here

and exhale there,

but you spread your

love everywhere.

It permeates the

air we all breathe,

and we become

rightly charged with

love. So we all can

live over here

while working there,

breathing in here

and breathing out

over there, sending

love out everywhere.


I beat the drum

inside my heart,

and I bang the drum

outside my body, infusing

life with music while

I initiate myself

within the troupe of

love. Sending my

internal song out

into this wild world

of rhythms where

souls can merge

under the guise of

dance and hearts can

join in the ecstasy

eternal love.


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