Day 365 – One Year

A Year Of Moments


One year –

it passes

quickly, yet

Ohh, so slowly.

Life spent here

in an emotion

is worth more

for the life

experience, that

the time that

would have just

passed you by.

Live this moment,

and live it with

a full heart, for a

life half lived

garners only half

the joy that is

gained and the

other half is spent

in the what-ifs

*what if I gave

everything to my


*what is I lived

completely filled

with love?

*what if I went

after all my dreams?

*what if I ventured

forth in a new direction?


All these half wishes,

all these hopes and

dreams you carry

within you, and with

you are meant to be

fulfilled, or at the very

least attempted for

life experience, so

take this year, take

this month, this week,

this day to do your

sacred work, your

visible love in this

life, and do it with love.


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