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Brace Yourself

The Arrival


Brace yourself

for the arrival is coming.

if you wish to see,

close your eyes and keep

your mind wide

open, if you wish to

hear, silence your

speaking mind and

allow your heart to sing.

The arrival is happening.

the soul’s call is not for

the timid in love, nor for

sure in life, but requires a

vulnerable courage to

be open to the tides of life

and the pains of love. Open

your heart, open your mind

and breathe deeply for it

comes for all who wish to be love.

Brace yourself

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The Three Sisters

A Greater Capacity


Breathe deep my love,

breathe deep and trust –

let that capacity of

love flow like water

and nurture your

sacred heart. Invite

that holy elixir into

your soul and let it

nourish your self-esteem.

For a healthy and whole

heart has no limits to it’s

ever expanding love.


Breathe deep, my soul,

breathe deep and trust –

let the winds of life etch

away the insecurity of

your intelligence. Set

the mind at rest and

know the limits of your

integral thought. For it

adds much beauty to life

to allow wonder to live

in uncertainty. For a

healthy and whole mind

knows naught but the

love it has to continually give.


Breathe deep, my love,

breathe deep and trust –

let your inner child, a

child born of the instant,

roam the wilderness of

your heart, forever alive

and playing with the

strings of your emotions.

Allow your intuition to

flow as water and your

breathe in a greater love,

and give way to the three

sisters of your total being

as they guide you ever to love.

For the healthy and whole

heart has no limits to it’s

capacity to love – even yourself.


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The Roving Plains

The Child Of The Instant


Take me there,

along this path where

we walk with love

constantly surrounding

us as we move towards

something greater, into

that silent life where only

truth lives through our acts.

Take me there.


Take me there,

through the shifting

skies and the roving

plains where love delights

in the hearts of friends. Ever

basking in the joy of each

other’s presence, igniting

that most sacred flame.

Take me there.


Take me there,

down the line of lives

already lied, up until

now where love gives

birth to a wholly new

world that breathes through

love and gives birth to the

sacred child of the instant.

Take me there.

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The Pitcher

Wells And A Bar


Bar keep – pour another for me

and so, he reaches for the pitcher

turns out it was emptied with

the last cup, “from where shall

I pour for this vessel is empty,

better come back another day

after it has been replenished.

Look always to fill your heart

first before you pour your love

out into another. From where

will you pour if you are already

on empty?


Withing each heart there

are wells, some ornate

and made beautiful  on

the outside but their water’s

run stagnant, others exist in

a ruinous state where only

wildness can reach. The lesser

wells run counter to the

greater. and while the lesser

wells are seen first and sought

out, the greater well remains

unsought, being drained from

below by the lesser wells

clamoring for attention. The

greater well remains unsought,

lost in the ravages this life,

and all life, has brought. Alone

it stands, forgotten and left

in it’s sacred solitude, always

being drained from below.


So Bar keep – may I have that

empty vessel for the night,

bequeath unto me this pitcher.

Here the bill is paid and

laid to rest, all accounts

are satisfied, just lend me

this pitcher for this holy night.

The next evening: Bar keep

take this pitcher from my hands,

don’t spill a drop, for it has

been filled just for you. Take

this pitcher and in your heart

and let your soul drink from

it. First by filling your sacred

pitcher can you pour drinks

for everyone else. So take this

pitcher and drink what you will.

For you shall do the same tomorrow.

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Painful Growth

Perpetual Growth


This life, this precise

moment presents all who live

with a space, a breath

between the all the moments where

intelligence grows

beyond the scope of the mind;

a flash of lightning

or an inspired answer;

life gives us these precious times.


And for a moment,

a beautiful moment I

found an answer to

one of the questions that I

carry deep within

my soul that has been long sought

out in you and in

that moment we found our truth

joined together in love.


As life moves always

forward and always alive

life moved and shooked us

apart so that we may grow

always forward to

bring our souls alive.

So in this moment

we learn to breath, not with our

bodies, but with our souls too.

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Love’s Destiny


Events comes as they should

bringing change as the could

so become like water and let it flow

this life and all that would.


Living this life in love’s flow

gives this world your heart’s true show.

Hold nothing back, masking nothing

always dancing with love’s sacred glow.


Become like water, flow over something,

everything that impedes love’s nothing

breathing through pain with love

manifests life’s destiny in something.


So dance with the falling debris above

ever tempting us to halt or to shove

leaving off our growth to come that should

continuing forth to the source with love.


That in this life and all that would

bringing change in all it could

bares a life built of our love

in events that come as they should.


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Take Some Time

A Pained Moment


Take this time,

this moment

right here and

breathe it in,

these deliciously

pained moments

that roam over

the heart. Seek

always to overthrow

the captain – the

mind’s voice, the

discerning thoughts-

and let the heart

take the lead. Lead

with a full trust in

love in these pained

moments where your

sanity hinges on your

calming breath.

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