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That Sacred Vision

Time’s Gauntlet


The gauntlet of time

grants life opportunities

to expand our love,

so wake up this day to the

wonders held in this

moment, breathing compassion

into a defenseless heart.


This edifice of

continuous time lapses

even the staunchest

of hearts, bringing a new wind

into life, baring

a new truth so let yourself

be completely undone now.


This gauntlet of times

passes over each of us,

removing the veil

of  your adamant disguise.

Let this moment cleanse

your eyes as you begin to

see with your sacred vision.


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For You, For Me

The Great Washing


It is for you love,

this world was made in honor

with the guiding hope

to have you shine your greatness

into this wild

world of expansive beauty

where love flows always freely.


It is for you, love,

this breath you are taking now

bestows within you

a gentle strength that conjurs

a vulnerable

heart to open up to the

great flowering of the soul.


It is for you, love,

this grand moment in all time

enables your heart

to glow from within spreading

radiant love to

wash over this wondrous world

and all to share in that love.


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Self Compassion



In this wild world

of infinite delights, we

are given the gift of

choice: to talk beautifully

or to live falsely, walk

purposefully or be lead

by the will of others, to live

lovingly or to let your

heart harden into a

stone. The gate to your

happiness lies at the gate

of a sacred choice, to forgive

and let go of your judgements

and breathe in compassion

for your self. Yes, this world

made mad with beauty is

created by the laws of choice.

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The Sacred Balance


Life gives us many

opportunities to see

the mystic of our hearts,

embracing both light

and dark to further our

perpetual growth. Take

heed now and breathe

deeply with the intent

of courage to venture into

the great darkness and

greater light in the center

of your heart. The only weapon

you need is the breath that

cleanses, so walk assuredly

to the center of your heart and

find your intrinsic rhythm. Take

hold of that rhythm for that shall

lead you to your sacred balance.

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Those Starfields

Honoring Love


Venture bravely into

love’s true intent, opening

gradually at first, timid and

weak, but your presence

is needed, so take your

courageous heart and

open it more, continuing

the sacred work of lovers.

Let that work grow through

your acts and honor love

with gratitude. Breathe deep

and live with a sacred love.

Venture bravely into those

star-fields born afar.

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Speaking Winds

Wind’s Truth


The wind speaks

in sing-song breathes

luring an audible

truth through my soul:

the natural state of life

lies in fluidity, the grace

of flow. So take this breath,

this one precious breath

and release it, release to

receive. Be like me, move

with the flow of spirit always

releasing to always receive.

That wind speaks in a

melodic way, tempting

the poets words to flow

into meaning, and from

meaning to sacredness.

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Difficult Times

To The Hard Times


There are hard days as

well as soft, easy ones

transplanted by difficult

times. The ebb and flow

of life continue. Today is

no exception, bearing the

weight of a thousand lonely

souls and a thousand more

broken hearts. Today is one

of those days, where I have

been placed in a new realm

where each moment lingers

on towards eternity, breathing

in the cold, stale air of this

timeless vacuum of complacency

where all lasting joy has been

drained from this still beating heart.

There are good days along side

the bad ones, and this day is

no different in it’s making, just

the choice is imminent, to resist

movement, to hide yourself away,

or to find the courageous breath and

rise above the cooling morning and

seek out those sunnier skies where

happiness lifts the soul towards love.

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Come You To Me

Stage Of Love


Come you, come to the

stage of love where our fullness

dances to the great

rhythm of life that opens

up within the soul –

spread the winged canopy

of the mystic star’s love breath.


Come you, come to the

center of this life where the

heart finds it’s rhythm

and that rhythm causes life

to find it’s balance –

To look towards you, you who has

the potential to share love.


Come you, come to the

altar of love where

our souls unite in love:

finding a sacred power

to turn my dark night

into bright day, ever filled

with hope to share life with love.

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Breathe Through The Heart

Smile Much


Breathe through your heart

and take hold of your

authentic spontaneity,

forever dancing with the

sacredness of each moment.

Breathe deep in your heart.


Strike at the wild seams

of the gentle greatness

elevating your mighty

soul further towards

the majestic realm of love.

Strike deep at those seams.


Return to the birth of your heart

and dance with the wild passions

carried with the weight of

a thousand suns; dance with

the coincidental synchronicity,

Return again to your heart.


Think deep and smile much,

for this life presents many

riddles and bestows a  sacred

grace in love’s knowledge:

You are the only mystery worth solving.

Think deep and smile much.

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You Are

Ocular Air Of Love


Reach deep down

towards the greater

edges of your gilded

heart and strive for

that all seeing, all-

knowing ocular air

of love’s destiny. In

the act of striving

we find the path

of surrender where

the universe arrives,

arrives, always arriving

within you as the silence

that breathes a calmness

in our chaotic lives. Reach

further still, transcending

the myriad thoughts of your

you-ness and find your

truth, that you are radiant,

that you are pure, that

you are love. You are.


Come to that point where

birth and death cease

their gentle touch upon

your heart, and live to be

that love that encompasses

all of eternity, and breathes

through the guise of material

life. For as you walk through

that veiled valley of life, you

assume that silence of the

heart where you can speak

without words, act without

actions, and love as only

a unified heart-mind can.

Transcending form, you

are reborn again and

again as that all-seeing,

all-knowing ocular air

of divine love. You are.

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