Losing Yourself

Treasured Emanations


Walking here and

looking there, we

are apt to lose

ourselves along

the path, and once

lost we are given a

golden opportunity,

one we may have asked

for, a chance to find

ourselves on the path that

we are traversing, so take

this breath, this moment

and live the gradual

opening that is finding

yourself exactly where you

are. For in this true living

you are eating the bread

found in the sacred wilderness.


Finding yourself not where

you expected yourself to be,

you begin to doubt who you

are, what you want, how to

move forward, and then a

miracle happens, your heart

speaks to you through your

divinity. “Love cannot be

owned by one, nor by any,

but rather must be shared

and added to.” A light flickers

within your soul, and idea is

gleaned, “In my ignorance, I

mistook that communal

sharing as a personal right

to ownership and am now

stumbling upon the inherent

of love: Now, I know, something

that grand, such as love is, could

never be possessed by one

person, just as one swatch of

paint owns not the painting

of which it is a part.” This is

the feast of bread found in

that sacred wilderness that

you have given yourself, for you,

and the rest of us, are treasured

emanations of divine love.


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