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Your Magnificence

Here I Am

And here I am

– present in this

auspicious moment –

having aeoken the

witnesser to breathe

in your day’s mighty

majesty as the dun

rises and it’s heat

warms my naked

skin. I am at

one with your

divine peace.

And here I am

– soaking in this

morning’s brilliance –

contemplating and

calculating what

words to say, which

phrases to write that

would best bring

about your wonderful

smile; for the world

not only craves for,

but is better for it.

And here I Am

– no thoughts in

my vaulted mind –

here but not here,

gone yet not too;

basking in the

radiance of your

pristine beauty

trying not to blink

so I don’t miss a

simgle instance of

your magnificence.

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Manifest Destiny

Changing Seasons

Seasons change

of this we

can be sure:

loneliness turns

to solitude and

that changes too,

becoming a mental

strength that soon

attracts various

people to you. Yes

the seasons do change.

Life paths divert

switching fate’s course

as our native

moments roam over

this beautiful world

ever seeking our

vulnerable hearts;

aligning our two

souls together along

this path for life’s

manifest destiny

lies always with love.

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The Heart’s Intent



the words that

move us aren’t

words at all

but are a

collection of

emotions that

have built up

in our hearts.


those words that

move us are

what we tell

ourselves we feel

and that affects

us even more.


the thoughts that

shape our words

aren’t what we

think, but are

unreleased feelings

begging for the

salvation of



those thoughts that

guide our words

are what we

need to breathe

to move on in

life and in love.


the words that

move us aren’t

words at all

but are a

tempest of

feelings waiting

to be ecpressed to

that one person.


those words that

move us are

simply asking

for one candid

moment to accept

our heart’s intent.

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Peaceful Happiness

The Creative Hearts

Her heart painted

his world with

the Earthly colors

of peace bringing

with it a hopeful

aire of joy that

he hadn’t noticed

had gone. So breathe

deep mystic painter

– breathe past those

organs of the air –

and let him bask

in the permeating

happiness peacefully.

His heart wrote

the song of her

world with the

melodies of sacred

harmonies bringing

with it a tempting

grace that shows

off her true beauty.

So breathe deep

adoring musician

– breathe past those

alluring temptations –

and let her rest

in that ever-expanding

peace happily.

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The Heart’s Courage

Bountiful Nature of Love

I was but little

found through the beginning and

looked over by the

end yet through the forgetting

life taught me lessons

true to the soul, and the heart

that love’s courage gives us strength.

Surely a revered

truth strikes a deep accord in

our hearts and still

fortifies our souls into

the grand plan of bountiful

love through the vastness of God.

I was but little

lost though completely content

– stranded by the edge

of time yet left behind to

find my true path through

this wild ride called life with

only my heart to guide me.

Surely it must take

first being lost if you hope

to eventually

find your true self through this life,

and finding yourself

both inside and out of your

heart must truly take courage.

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Love’s Lingering Hope


was thought

made manifest

in the hope of your

always beating heart.

So you took that hopeful

thought and honored

it with your




it deeper

still into the

caverns of your

ever-expanding soul.

Instilling within its sacred

wonders the emanation

of love through

my breathing


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On the shores

of eternity

destiny leaves its’


that we may


– if we so choose –

yet decisions

are to be made

in life.

But just know

this truth:

Success awaits us

to accept

the responsibility and

then it will

manifest itself into

our lives.

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