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Through This Life

The Deepest Truth


Through this life

I have gone seeking

for my soul’s deepest

truth with no avail,

for I have gone

rarely to the one

place where it

would be found.

Life takes my soul

there so that life

may become whole

and to come to know

it’s honored truth.

Yes, I go searching

for the space between

the act of breathing,

for the place where

the heart can dance

in delight of love.


Through this life,

we have been so

crowned with the

sacred flame of

love, this flame

that gives it’s life

for our heart’s

warmth. Forever

inspiring a sacred

reverence with

each holy breath.

So, I tell you now,

breathe deep with

full intentions and

let your heart’s

truest love flow

out into this world.



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Within Our Eyes

A Shared Love


Within the eyes of

a stranger beauty can be

found. The truth of their

vulnerable soul is shown;

for the soul washes

upon the shores of lasting

love where all souls come to life.


It is only when

our hearts come together that

our greatness abounds;

it is the growing strength of

beauty that ebbs and

flows between our two hearts that

always speaks of divine love.


And with that abounding

greatness gently spreading to

our lives, the power

of the sun comes to reside

within our eyes to

bring lasting light to our love,

forever wishing to share.


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Waking And Dreaming



Waking life provides

a lasting truth for this heart

to recognize: that

there is a magic in this

world that emerges

when two souls come together

and share in a lasting love


Slumbering dreams show

that each of our truths are as

a puzzle piece that

when put with all the other

pieces, the meaning

of life is ours to see and

then to share with our whole love.


Through the span of life

little moments add up and

we are able to

catch a glimpse of our sacred

truths and find that the

true meaning of life lies in

our eagerness to live love.

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The Green Earth

The Strength Of Love


With the wings of

the purple wind

purpose flew into

our lives, leaving

much to our destined

interpretation – what

are our strengths, how

we perceive challenges,

how we come to see

the world; what we set

up in our hearts as our

goals to accomplish in

this life lived with love.


With the heart of

the green earth

strength grew within

our love, giving us

the courage and the

fortitude to hold true

to the truths that our

souls desire to be be

known to this wild

world and to explore

the sanctified meanings

with a raw and loving

heart expressing our truths.


With the eyes of

the blue breath

truth flew from

our mouths giving

truth to our purpose,

conviction to our

courage, and strength

to our words; for

truth illuminates the

messages of our inner

most desires for this

blessed world made

up of our sanctified love.


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Wisdom and Star Light

Through The Narrow Paths


Wisdom comes to us

in various  ways, some through

the narrow path and

others through more obscure ways;

but wisdom will come

to us when it is needed

most and can be most useful.


Through the peerage of

the things of remembrances

past, we realize that

we are the children of stars,

we were born in the

heart and the passionate heat

of the star center of life.


Breathing life into

this moment, wisdom comes too;

through half ideas and

faltering doctrines, but it

comes still to be true;

no matter how lost one is,

no ray of star-light is lost.

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Live Your Life



To be fully present,

listening to the music

that surrounds you

and letting that joy

permeate through

your heart allows

for your truth to shine.

Returning to your home,

that sanctum where love

abounds and your

breath comes easily,

brings a lasting joy to

each moment. So take

that inward journey and

see your divine and intricate

truth. Yes, being fully

present in your heart

imbues this world world

with your dynamic beauty

and shares your truth

with a lasting love.

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Each Day

Remember To…


Each day we take on

several tasks, some mundane and

others more vital

for our well being. We should

make an effort to

remember four simple tasks

to do each and every day.


Each moment we take on

a plethora of ideas

and assume that their

importance is greater than

our simpler tasks that

fulfill our heart’s simple needs

and imbues our lives with truth.


Each instance we tell

ourselves what we need to be

happy; we make plans,

set goals, yet we forget to

do our daily tasks that

bring lasting purpose to our lives:

to smile, laugh, breathe, and love.


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The Move To Love

The Power Of One


The strength of one breathes

through the heart where lovers live

Breathing faithfully,

always trusting this moment

to express all that

needs to be understood and

live all that would be their truths.


The vigilance of

one holds true to the pulling

of the soul’s path.¬† It

seeks ever the untraveled

way and reveals it’s

truth through silences hoping

ever to guide life with love.


The power of one

strengthens the heart and

elevates the soul

by shaping the direction

of our lives through the

guided decisions our

hearts, minds, and souls make through love.

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Moving On

Your Last Poem


both of, which is true

right and wrong I’ve been

and I have suffered since

not that I hope for your pain

denying you denies my truth

yet I regret loving you.

nothing ever made sense

inciting your innate grace that

cultivated my greater strength-

only you could make that pain

last so very, very long and

even now it endures.

cancel you out of my life,

and live ever anon, but

rebirth it seems is my path

born from the fire yet again

only to live in the fires in this heart

never to forget the pain love created

ever hopeful for the joy yet to come

love renews as well as it burns;

life move always forward, always with love.

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A Golem

My Mistake


I was wrong

as well as

right with

you- you are

a goddess –

just not the

one I thought

you were; now

I know, you

are a siren

that only brings

death to the

souls of men you

love and love

you in return –

though I came

on my own free

will – you still

consumed my

heart and burned

my soul until

nothing was left

of me but a ghost

of the man I once

was – a golem – half

living yet completely

dead and now I

know your truth.

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