Life’s Beliefs


I believe in an

open vulnerability

that speaks of my

quiet truth, going

against my inner

nature, revealing

to you, always to

you – those delicate

meanings of this

heart and soul – united

in a generous love –  that

only an unprompted

vulnerability can bring.


I believe in a

living and breathing

sacredness that flows

gently through life;

it gives a perpetual

credence to my soul’s

urging to crack open

my heart daily and let

love  pour out from the

seams of the soul in the

form of  these words,

these actions; to live

your love truly whole.


I believe in the

breath found in

grace made eternal;

that divine presence

that fills each moment

we live with the playful

air of our movements

and through those acts,

our hearts find a stage

to dance our life upon,

those movements found

through grace breathe

our love into this world.





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