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The Woods And The City



Somewhere in the

deep deep woods, a

hidden truth lies that

may shift your fated

perspective. With

each step we meet

ourselves along the

path and we come to

experience a fierce

awareness and a

chilling connectivity

that places you in the

grand procession of life.


Somewhere deep in

the busy, busy city

there lies a hidden

truth that speaks of

your destined heart.

It bares the poignant

wisdom born in a

stranger’s face that

strikes intrigue in

your sacred soul. So,

look deep at those

faces and see with the

thousand hidden mystics

that magnificence flows

through your wondrous life.

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Two Senses

To Listen And To Feel



Can you hear it?

* that chorus of

silent echoes,

whispering through

the winds that speak of

the cloistering of

snowflakes and the

chill in the air which

holds to a closeness

of our celestial souls.



Can you feel it?

* that sweet surrender

of the heart which

speaks of the crispness

in the air, forever

bringing a pristine

beauty to the hearts

of sacred love

binding our love

to this sacred moment.

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Eternity’s Shore

Truth’s Greatness


Your soul

-it washes upon

the shore of

eternity – lapping at

the fringes of strange

sights, constantly

pulling you towards

your innate greatness,

for greatness abounds:

* the strength of beauty

lying within your heart

* the power of the sun

residing within your eyes

* the truth of your presence

living within your soul

for your greatness

abounds: permeating

all that you encompass:

* spreading out before

you as it graces the eternal

* expanding out before

you as it glows in magnificence

* growing in radiance within

you as it flows towards the infinite;

so take this one day

to live your faithful truth,

and bare witness to your

fated destiny, so let your

truth take your to those

strange shores, see what

is meant for your eyes to

witness, and live the life

that destiny has called you to.


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A Happy Peace

Finding Happiness


Peace – it comes and goes

flowing with the breath

through a gentle mind.

Grasp not to your thoughts

and peace will grow.


Hope – it arrives

when you envision your

goals and trust in the love

that you feel towards

yourself and others.


Happy is the person

who can find their

peace and live in the

hope of a better future

clothed with love.

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The Life You Wanted

To A Mother


I have been grieved and

it grieves me to have to make

this apology;

to apologize for who

I am, how I live,

for what I do and what I

have become. I am sorry.


It hurts to ask this,

to request forgiveness for

choosing this life of

mine, for living the life I

want, for not living

the life you have wished of me;

for not being who you wanted.


I have failed in things

as I have accomplished things,

forging my own path

and learning with every step

the person I hope

to become, but I’m sorry

that you don’t understand him.


It grieves me that you

don’t understand, nor with to

know who I now am –

you see me, but you don’t see.

You see the choices

I didn’t make and so think

I’m less for it. I am sorry.

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Peace And Hope

Life’s Presence


Life comes in waves –

the good when it saves,

and the bad in it’s turn

each flowing until the other caves.


Both feed off of each other

and when the bad takes to brother

and the  flames burn the air

filling the sails as they smother


We become a soul soon lost

through circumstance to bare that cost

it is important to find your breath

to establish peace soon crossed


Bearing presence to this event

we see a glimmer too soon lent

bringing peace and hope to this moment

vying for the grace time has sent.


So breathe deeply and feel this love

for love, always sent baring God’s dove

creates a lasting hope and peace in life

for each of us to live for our soul’s life above.

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Soul’s Truth

The Wanderers


The wanderers of

the soul’s call – ever seeking

the lonelier way –

wish to begin no day where

they ended before

and hope to see not one more

sunrise where the last sunset

left us to our running hearts.


The wanderers of

the soul – ever hopeful to

see greater truths – breathe

deeply to inhale the great draughts

of this Earth’s canvas,

forever imbuing life with a

beautiful love where the soul

flows with the passing earth-sets.


The wanderers of

the soul – ever seeking the

heart’s  hidden truths – moves

with the confidence to be

knowingly lost in

this wild world born of beauty

step with lively, though often

respectful, step towards truth’s love.

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