Eternity’s Shore

Truth’s Greatness


Your soul

-it washes upon

the shore of

eternity – lapping at

the fringes of strange

sights, constantly

pulling you towards

your innate greatness,

for greatness abounds:

* the strength of beauty

lying within your heart

* the power of the sun

residing within your eyes

* the truth of your presence

living within your soul

for your greatness

abounds: permeating

all that you encompass:

* spreading out before

you as it graces the eternal

* expanding out before

you as it glows in magnificence

* growing in radiance within

you as it flows towards the infinite;

so take this one day

to live your faithful truth,

and bare witness to your

fated destiny, so let your

truth take your to those

strange shores, see what

is meant for your eyes to

witness, and live the life

that destiny has called you to.


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