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New Experience

Stars And Suns


The stars all gather

to guide you through

the darkest night by

shining their sacred

luminescence on the

Earth providing you

with a path to follow.

So breathe in deeply

that stately air, and follow

those celestial lights

down to the murmuring

river that speaks of love.

Drink deep from the River of

Silence and sate your thirst.

Let that water run wild

through your veins,

nurturing your creative

love. Rise up and feel

the glories of being alive.




The suns all gather

to celebrate the breath

of you sacredness. They

shine brightly for all to

see that true radiance

of your love. It forever

precedes you along your

path though the gracious

meetings of fated strangers.

So through yourself into

those graced meetings and

find  those learned truths

through new experiences;

for it is through new

experiences that the crux

of humanity’s heart lives.


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Back To Love

Here And Now


Now is the place,

here is the time –

and it is a happy

setting where you

are everything you

want, have all that

you are. Worry not

about life’s trajectory,

but bask in the glory

that is this moment’s

sacred love.


Here is the time,

now is the place –

and it is a happy

setting where you, my

beloved friend, find yourself

true – to be the holder of

divine wisdom that sings

of the tenets of your

heart’s pressing passions

that always guide you

back to your love.


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Right Now

Messages and Lessons


In this breath

messages come

to use from near

and far, those

tree-top flyers

sing always of

our shifting

priorities, guiding

our hearts back

to a love made

whole and new.


In this moment

lessons once learned

become renewed

to bare deeper

meanings towards

the heart, those

deep-earth diggers

always run into the

divine music of

your soul, forever

dancing us to the

edge of Love.

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The Sky

Gentle Reminders


Go out and look up

at that magnificent sky.

What do you see there?

A blue sky, white clouds, the dark

inky space, the sun

that burns so bright, the austere

moon, those distance stars,

or those off color planets

shining from afar;

what do you see there? All those

lights are there to guide

you home – back to yourself and

reveal the beauty

within your sacredness that

reminds life of your blessed love.

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The Moon’s Dance



I steeled myself to the

sanctuary of the

heart where love breathes life

into existence, where life

dances to the song

of the soul, where beauty comes

to be understood.

I found myself in

that sacred space were life can

feel accurately

the call of the celestial

sisters moving to

the rhythm of the moon’s dance.

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The Sacred Task

A Love’s Golden Breath


Strike deep within the

seems of your soul and see the

gold hidden in your

love. It is your sacred task

to find and share that

precious gift to this world and

in the giving you receive.


In the power of

one lies an infinite range

of eternities

where your love sheds it’s confines

and shines brightly on

this sacred world made up of

our choices to share that love.


So breathe deeply in

this moment and calm your mind;

for it is only

in this moment where you can

shine the light of your

heart’s most radiant love and

enjoy the fruits of sharing.

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A Love Made Divine


Listen closely

to this moment –

Can you hear it? –

That chorus of

silent echoes calling

out from the stars

within your radiant

heart; always singing

of your destiny. This

song sung by that sacred

chorus grows louder

with each step we take

down the path of life –

forever gilding you in

a love made divine.


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The Strength of Love

An Air Of Love


It is this,

the all-seeing,

all-knowing ocular

air of love that we

hold to. We bare that

light out into this

wild world of sacred

beauty where we, while

waking, walk through the

veiled valley within your

heart. So, be brave child of

love and reach out for the

edges of your greatness,

always breathing in your

sacred strength.


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