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An Evening Of Note

A Painted Sky


The pastel sky

lures the mystic nights

forever forward –

forever alive – towards

the lover’s heart. That

visionary sight secures

the poet’s rite; ever

bestowing beauty to

the land that breathes.

So, take that pastel

sky and paint your life

with the colors that

beauty speaks of.

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Love and A Sunrise

Morning’s Radiance


A Red sun rises,

and blue sky is made.

The black bird sings

as the gentle night fades.

So, rejoice this day,

and feel the air take

feel it enter ourselves

and the actions we make.

See in life this daily beauty

with a joyful heart to take and share

For beauty is only the exterior

of a love our hearts do bare.


See into me what

the past has wrought

and bare witness to

the present we sought

forging ahead through

the mist, the path we find

heart to heart and hand

in hand we strive to bind.

So breathe deep and feel

your hair and the fluttering wind,

they set sail to our souls

and trust love to us they send.


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Chambers Of The Heart

In This Life


In this life

I have lived

through most

precious moments

born of love,

the generous

laughter with

friends, and most

importantly I have

shared in a great

many awe filled

skies where beauty

reigns high above

and love fills the

chambers of this heart.

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The Star-Gazer’s Light

Fate’s Beautiful Sight


It’s a night of the

prophetic sight

where fate dances

in the star-gazer’s sight;

tempting desire through

destiny’s might

we all gain that,

the holy light.

So hold your lies,

both black and white,

and share your truth

to bear the rite;

breathe deep and

don’t take fright,

bur show your strength

and prepare the fight.

For your destiny is worth

your effort and might –

it won’t come easy, nor

will the task be light

but on this most holy night

destiny lies in your sight

as the star gazer’s see

fate’s beautiful sight.

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