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A Searing Truth

The Fires Of Love


Through the distance

of Nature’s ominous

song, I heard through

the porous silences a

tone,  made pure and

true through the struggle

of a coming storm of

delicate sounds. This

momentary tone of

silence struck the chords

of truth through a

momentary clarity within

my aching soul.


Through the nearness of

life’s driving beat, I felt a

scared and timid truth held in

the syncopated absences of a

landed backbeat, and in that awkward

silence my heart started drumming

it’s rhythm that placed me in the

land of mute echoes where night

reigns through truth and light triggers

a distant warmth that denies gentle 

strength, where the soul craves to

be chilly; and in that land, the

fires of love are stoked.


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Star-fields Made Far

A Kiss


We; who live,

we are bound by no

means nor limited

by any thoughts. We

find truth through

various paths warned

untamed for our eager

travels, so we must

hurl ourselves into

that passion of a bird-

flight’s sacred vision.


We; who love,

we are free to let

the wings of our

hearts spread wide

and lift our souls to

that promise land

where all beings are

one with that divinity.

We venture out, brazen

with crazed hearts, in

love’s great truth onto

those star-fields made

to look far, though are

already within us. All

come to learn that truth

to be held within a kiss.


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The Great Mystery

Riddles and Memories


In a vision of a memory

I see the clouds high above.

They all gather to to rejoice in

singing the melody of the Earth –

tuned heart; spinning, turning,

revolving our lives to be one

with a unified love.


In a memory of a vision

I bare witness to the stars

shining down on us. They

all gather to celebrate

in the dark blue skies the

birth of our sacred love;

expanding, exploding, burning

to illuminate love throughout

the heart’s spacious cosmos.


In the absence of a riddle’s answer

the lingering silence fills that pregnant

pause with actions that speak

always of the dual nature of man; that

sacredness filled by the profane; body that

is filled by soul; the breath that is filled

with purpose and the connectivity that

links all together with love.


In the response of an answer’s

riddle, the words that once was

form turn to mean none but

little to the mind where action

bear the fruit of love’s joy. So, we

take this moment formulating our song

for love is the melody that we

sing this sacred night.

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