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Your Truth

The Darkening Path


In the darkness

of your path

– Dar Tariki tariqat –

We should remember

the river rock, made

smooth by the currents

constantly flowing over

and around it, yet retaining

it’s hardness and pereseving

it’s truth. Stilling it’s hardness

through the plying softness

engulfing it. Remembering the

river rock, remembers your

heart – it embodies the same

softness and hardness,

roughness yet is made smooth,

it raw and true, yet masked

by the mind’s agenda; hold

true to your truth; your are a

duality made into one whole.

It is good, Dar Tariki tariqat,

in the darkness of your path,

that you are beloved by Nature,

Man, me, God, the Goddess

Supreme, and the Universe.

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Elemental Love

The Rains


Let your rains fall down,

cleansing and nurturing,

let your rains fall down

to reveal the elemental truth

that water is life, and that

life is love made pure.

Let your rains fall down.


Let your rains fall down,

washing and enlightening,

let your rains fall down

to bring new breath to love

illuminating the new elemental

spirits of the airs to revel in love.

Let your rains fall down.


Let your rains fall down,

moistening and purifying,

let your rains fall down

to kiss and caress the Earth’s

sacred form, elevating beauty

in the terrestrial form to love.

Let your rains fall down.



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Through The Darkness

An Expanding Love


To find my path, I

lit the candles and took a

step forward, I take

with me a burning stick of

incense and a cup

of tea. I walk unsure of

my path, but towards certain love.


Through the darkness I

find solace, a gentle strength;

a certainty of

fate intervening with

destiny guiding

me towards a fully realized

and ever expanding love.

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God Speaks To You

Life’s Little Mystery


The mysteries of

all eternity are now

being whispered to

you in the silent spaces

of your heart, so when

you breath, bring awareness to

the pauses between your breath –


For it is there you

will find the forbidden

secrets of life, the

universe and everything.

You will know your truth,

the answer to all questions

you have; the answer is LOVE.

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Fierce Melodies

Take This Cup


The spirit sports with time

always dancing through various

bodies to the song of Love.

Those delicate yet fierce melodies

crown life with a radiant

nimbus that fills our hearts with

that delicious elixir. It breathes

the purpose of life into every soul.

So take this cup and drink from

it all the love that you deserve.

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The Life of Breath

The Turning Breath


Life continually flows

as your breath goes –

ever directing the pace

where your energy grows.


So, if you prefer ease

take long breaths and tease

relaxation into your holy body

and the tension will cease.


If lethargy takes a strong hold

and your body becomes cold,

take strong forced breathes quick

thus heat to your body be bold.


Let this be the lesson to learn,

your breath holds the energy to burn:

ease to easy breath, hectic breath does turn

to a chaotic life hard, to discern.


As the Breath doth flow

so does love in our life grow.

Take hold of the reigns dear one

and the seeds to land are yours to sow.



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One Day

The Holy Now


One day –

perhaps today –

you will know, more

than knowledge can say,

that Greatness abounds here;

that Greatness abounds there, that

Greatness abounds all around.

It is more than knowledge

can say and perhaps

it is today that

you know.



One day –

perhaps today –

you will feel more

than experience can show,

to feel the strength of Beauty

lying within your heart, the strength

of Beauty lying without your body, the

strength of Beauty everywhere. It is more

than a fleeting experience of your body,

more than what experience can show,

that you will feel more, perhaps

that day is today to feel,

perhaps it is here

for all time.



One day –

perhaps today –

you will see, see more

than vision can allow, that

Truth is beauty made manifest,

that Truth is a courageous strength

that only Greatness opens up to that

sacred strength that grows from

the Beauty held within, as it

is distilled without the

body made holy.


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Some Days

Life Flows


Some days life just flows

with ease and no real

cause, other days we find

ourselves struggling for

each idea, but ideas come.

Such is this life, ease and

difficulty, softness and

hardness, energy and

lethargy. We push, we move,

we cause, we effect, we

expand, we contract. Life finds

it’s true balance as we live

each day, and in the

magnetic flow that is our

lives, we find a growing joy

through our pleasure and

our pain. So go on flow with

life you creative tour-de-force

and generate the generous

love that is our calling in life.

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Three Wishes

The Djinn And His Granting


Upon my travels through

the wild, entering and

exiting the darknesses of

this world, I have learned that

the last few steps towards

the lit world is usually the

most fraught with fear, and in

that shadow of the shade I met

a Djinn; the granter of wishes,

maker of secrets. I requested to

be taken to the sea within that holds

the magnetic light of my soul,

and to be given the path to

share that love to the world.

Taking his hand to my head he

filled me with love and proclaimed:

You are absolute love, the fountain

where lover’s drink from, your

works shall all demonstrate that.

I then asked to be given the greater

sight where Love provides a new

understanding of the whole truth,

where all heart’s, no matter how

pained, paint the sky with Love. He

then put his lips on my forehead

and breathed a warm breath that

flowed through my mind, and said:

“Open your eyes now and see clearly

the truth that life offers everyone.”

And for my third wish I asked to

feel each moment – for each moment

is a instance of singularity that lies

between the external and the

internal that is perpetually occurring.

He then placed his hand on my

chest, covering my raw heart, and

applied pressure and said: “Go forth

and feel with the poet’s heart all that

is to be felt in life, and then find

a way to share it.” I then took but

two steps towards the light, and then

took a look back, and thought I saw,

still standing there in the shadows of

the shade I thought I saw – through the

fog of a fading memory – the image

of the Cheshire Cat smiling widely.

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Unknown Results

A Living Experiment


Hold on to this heart,

it’s a little unsteady in

the presence of such

beauty that is radiating

from you celestial soul.

– beautiful words on a

white page written for

an eternal joy in living

your sacred truth – words

I wish to speak to you,

always with bated breath

and in scented tongue. Let

other’s think me mad, maybe

I am; but to be mad because of the

ecstasy I find myself in gazing

at your soul is just me being

a living experiment where the

cause is beauty and the effect

is still yet to be discovered.

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