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Internal Warriors

I’ll Be Awaiting


Are you there –

at that place far within

where a new vision is

gained? Have you reached

that inner temple and

read from the book of your

divinity: Your ‘mistakes’

transform into your greatest

blessings. I’ll be there awaiting

your arrival so that we can

paint with the colors of the wind.


Are you there –

In your precious space

where your inner warrior

wages on; creating through

that sacred war where the

choices in your life create

and recreate your continuing

growth. Embrace that struggle

and become the sacred warrior,

that blessed jihadi, and find

that sanctum santorum. I’ll be

there awaiting your arrival to sing

with the voices of the Earth.


Are you there –

At the place where you

feel at home, free to be

who you are called to become?

Waking daily to new blessings

that bring our your demons

and changes them into your

friends through the experiences

of your personal jihad. Are you

there, in the sacred space where

you are free to breath life into

your heart and give out your

love to all you meet. I’ll be there

awaiting your arrival so we can

dance with the rhythm of water.


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Taoist Haikus

Breathing HaikusĀ 


It is in stillness

that we can discover our

authentic movement.


It is in silence

that we hear our authentic

voice to sing aloud.


It is in the act:

through tying cords in a rope

the knot is dissolved.


It is through living

spontaneously that our

destiny unfolds.


It is in breathing

that we find the sum of all

we are that’s to shine.


It is in chaos

that we become the masters

of the lives we live.


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