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A Beautiful Balance


What is a day

but a poem lived

to completion? And

what is an action but

words set free to play

in motion. What are

words but a thought

made manifest – There

is a rhythm here, a melody

of thoughts, words, actions

that form the poem of this

day. And here true balance

is found in a divine flow.

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Sisters Of Light

The Returning


The sisters of the sun

have long since retreated

from the Earth – It is

Now, this moment, that the

brothers of night show

their strength, shrouding all

truth with the veil of

mystery and the fog of doubt.

Delusions reign in this Kali Yuga,

but soon the Iron Age too shall

pass and the daughters of

light will come again to dispel

the vicissitudes of this age. Yes,

those mighty sisters of the sun

will return in resplendent

beauty, a sacred wisdom, and

an encouraging love.

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The Great Song



Find your stillness and

you will feel your breath –

Inhale deeply and

exhale completely –

Listen, can you hear

it? Go beyond your

breath’s great song. Can

you hear it? That great

chorus of silent

echoes. The stars and

planets are singing

to you. The music of

the Spheres calling

to you, always to

speak of your greatness.

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City Of The Sky

It Is Here


It is here, in the

city of steel colored clouds

that mask the blue, blue

sky. It is here where serene

simplicity reigns.

A cool breeze, hot coffee and

time – just time, watching

those luminous clouds drift through

morning’s celestial

vibrations. It is easy

to forget in the

life of much ado, moments

of peaceful repose;

a gentle surrender that

allows us, we who

live, a moment of splendor.


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