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Day 3 – Vision

A Corner Of Brilliance


The Power of Now

lies in the power of

open vulnerability,

that willingness to

look directly into your

personal blindspots;

to witness the shades

of present’s past and

see through the mists

of future’s doubts,  and

blindly stare into the

present full of your

emotions. Let that

vision inform you. Let

that sight carry you into

a new perspective, a tiny

corner of your innate

brilliance. Yes, look there

and gain your wisdom,

Look there and gain your

truth, Look there and embrace

your love made whole.

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Day 2 – Harken

The Dazzling Now


Harken to the

wonder-makers –

those wondrous few

who create abundance

wherever they roam.


They who feel the

universe entire

looking out onto

itself through the

merriment of others.


Harken to the

ecstasy bearers –

those vigorous few

who labor in the

joys of exhilaration.


They who tread

lightly upon the

ocean of celestial

vibrations lifting

all life towards love.


Harken to the

wisdom keepers –

those brightly lit few

who look with-out yet

knows their strength,

that true greatness within.


They who breath deeply

the magnificent moment

where grace, love and

abundance unite in the

dazzling brilliance of NOW.

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Day 1- Here And Now

Still Lives In Forgiveness


Here and Now

Now is Here.

and Here, the Universe

blesses us all with

each intentional

Breath in the

Here and Now.


Now and Here

Here is Now.

and Now, the Sacred

gives all of us honor

through the choosing

of an intentional

Choice in the

Now and Here.


The Sacred takes much

delight in our Gratitude,

yet Lives still more in our

eternal Forgiveness.


Now and Here

with the Here in Now.

Nature welcomes us all

in beauty through our

righteous love in the

Now and Here.


Here and Now

with the Now being Here.

Life wraps all breath in  her

radiant beauty always leaving

more yet to behold in the

Here and Now.



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