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Morning Haikus

3 Morning Haikus


Sun quickly descends.

Bright stars live in black ink skies.

New suns bring new joys.


The Great Eye opens.

The face turns towards warmth and light.

Birds begin to sing.


Dew grass makes wet feet.

Cold damp, warm sun, happiness.

Green earth. Blue Skies. Life.

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Day 14 – Expansion

Allons! Allons! Allons!


Allons! Come dance with me.

Bring with you the best and noblest of man.

Allons! Come and see with the

greatest eyes visions of blest, blest Eternity.

Allons! Come walk hand in hand

with love towards  the gleaming Eternity.

Allons! Come and smell the swiftest secents and

breathe that greatness through and through.

Allons! Come dance with me.


Allons! Come bask here with me.

Bare witness to Life’s most elegant Beauty.

Allons! Come and feel the Sacred, that divine

push and pull of life’s affinity towards truth.

Alllons! Come find your higher mind

through the shifting shimmering skies of Infinity.

Allons! Come and taste the

fragrant aires of love’s promising delicacies.

Allons! Come bask here with me.


Allons! Come sing with me.

Let loose those inhibitions that bind you to meek quietude.

Allons! Come and hear with a fresh and open

mind those sacred warblings of all Eternity.

Allons! Come breathe with me.

Fill your belly – see it rise – and know that tenseness, then release and relax.

Allons! Come and be whole with me.

Expand more and more until you become Everything, and everything is You.

Allons! Come sing with me.

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Day 13 – Magic

The Great Taming


First, Man tamed the lands,

certain abled animals

next, coming home to

labor still to tame mankind;

made to fit the mold.

Finally on to the most

coarse of labors, Man

fights to tame the mind and through

this unrelenting

work, striving to control all

that can be controlled,

Magic left this world.

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Day 12 – The Approaching Dawn



New dawn approaches

with a glistening sun, to

rise always with a

moment of pristine beauty.

Warming emotions

as dreadful thoughts fading fast.

Breathe in this morning’s,

and all morning’s, air to bring

greater clarity

to your soul. Take these moments

to bless and honor

your higher self with divine

intentions – it takes

strength to bare reverence in

each and every act.

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