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Goodness, Truth and Beauty

The Holy Trinity


The power of the moon

affects us all, the 29

day cycle gives credence

to life, the tides raise

and fall as the moon waxes

and wanes, our emotions

flutter as the moon grows

and descends in fullness

through radiance; yes, the

moon has power over us all.


The power of the sun

embraces us all, the 11

year cycle gives credence

to the heat of our hearts,

the magnetic waves give rise

to our home’s polarity,

the gamma waves heats

and nourishes our home

and our bodies; the sun

has power over us all.


The Power of the Earth

nurtures us all, the 4

differing cycles that

dictate the growth of

life distills in us a great

vastness of a fortifying

strength, compelling life

to move forward towards

greater future, yes, the earth

has power over us all.


The holy trinity; the Moon,

the Sun, the Earth, each

have their power just as

the Father, the Spirit, and

the Son, each speaking to

the credence to Goodness,

Truth, and Beauty; for life

is great, and it is only great

for those who live greatly; yes

the trinity has power of us all

– though through living, we have

power over the holy trinity.


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Like Shadows

The Shadows


It’s like the shadows –

forever running away

from the light striving

towards a goal, only to

get lost in the shade of

oblivion where all that

was once known is lost –

this chasing after love;

better to be the sun that

radiates light over this

world and nourishes all

life with it’s warmth.


It’s like the shadows –

forever shrinking  and

growing with the

celestial movements,

the sun and the moon

of our lives giving us

credence and criticisms,

these outside forces

guiding us through our

choices – this constant

measuring of yourself

through the eyes of others.


It’s like the shadows –

ebbing and flowing with

the day, always; in the

end, to surrender to a

greater power than

itself, to give in and

rejoin with your higher

nature, to become one

with your own sacred

strength and power –

this communion with

the Source of Life.

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The Sacred Rites



Our daily tasks, when

done with reverence and grace,

turn into rituals

and it is through rituals that

we can honor the

sacredness that moves through us,

aligning our paths with love.


Our tasks – soon to be

purposes – ignites our lives

with a light made whole

and a conviction to hold

to our truth: to breathe,

to touch, to love, to live, to

honor love with gratitude.


Our simple rituals

speak of our innate grace that

illuminates the

love dwelling within our hearts.

Take this breathe and make

each task into a sacred

rite, a ritual of your love.

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True Silences

To Venture


I venture now

out into that

wild silence

where the soul

breathes with

unending love

and dances with

beauty for all

eternity. Yes,

I, and all life too,

venture out into

that wild silence

and find that

the heart that has

eyes to see is

divinely happy.

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The Stage Of Life

Where The Fullness


Come you,

to the stage

of life and live

where the

fullness of love

dances to the

rhythm of life.


Come you,

to the center

of life reveals

that love is the

rhythm and

that rhythm

causes a graceful

balance in the

dance of life.


Come you,

to the stage

of love where

the heart guides

the dance of life

to the rhythms

of your soul.


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An Assignment

A Moment’s Truth


Truth is only true in

the moment it is lived,

fully experienced with

active intentions, and the

truth of this moment is

exhaustion – this feeling

of tiredness in life. I am.

I am tired of life’s daily

challenges, each one

flowing after the other

with no end in sight; tired

of deciding weather to

eat or put gas in my car

for work; tired of having

to tell myself platitudes

to just get through

the day; tired of telling

myself affirmations that

I don’t believe to lift hope;

tired of feigning enthisiasm

and optimism for the benefit

of others; tired of having

no real passion in and of

this life; but mostly just

tired of being me, for this

truth is that Life is a joyous

tragedy that I grow tired of.


Truth is only true for

the person who breathes

that truth, fully embodied

by the passing of time, and

the truth is I distrust

my whole being, at odds

with my whole self; I distrust

my gifts as gifts (if they are

gifts); I distrust people’s

opinions of my goodness;

distrust people’s trust in

my worthiness; I distrust my

mind, as I distrust my body,

yet more so do I distrust

my heart and my soul’s

intelligence; I distrust my

thoughts as they waiver

like the wind. I live with this

distrust, forever creating a

discord within my wholeness

that leads to a desperate

loathing of all that I am; all

that I have ‘accomplished’;

a loathing for all that I think

I know; all that comes through

me and the teachings I give. For

lying truth is that all life is a

painful comedy that entangles me.


Truth is only true in

the experience that it

inhabits and the truth

of this experience is that

life is of little or no

importance; we create

or we do not, and I distrust

my life’s desires as I

loath my creations. What

good is it to have a ‘beautiful

mind;’ to be able to string

together a few lines;

to create music; to guide

meditations or teach a yoga

class; to cook delicious foods;

to intuit the emotions of

others and lead them to their

own healing – if I distrust

the mind and heart that wields

these gifts, or the body that

these gifts are shared through?

I grow weary of the burden of

these gifts as I grow weary

of the burden of breath. For to

trust in the truth of a moment

is to live the result of the truth

and the result is that I don’t see

much cause to breathe, feel,

experience this heart and soul,

these thoughts and emotions.

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Grace and Virtues

Love And Beauty


Love is a fierce grace

that flutters upon the wings

of the dragonfly;

it breaths music into our

hearts and brings delight

to the mind’s eye that sees a

truth purified by your breath.


Beauty is a truth,

a flowering virtue that

clears the busy mind,

which allows us to see our

sacredness, a grace

made radiant by our heart’s

generosity and love.

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