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Arrive, Yet Be Stilled

The Arrival


Arrive, yet be stilled

and shine forth your light for that

bright elegance speaks

to all life what is beauty.

Through your arriving

inwardly you gift this world

the Gift of Divine Beauty.


Arrive, yet be stilled

let that mystic runner of

your heart run wildly

through the fields of this world’s truth,

swim in the tranquil

seas of your sacred

thoughts, and fly in the airs of

your soul’s delight. So, Arrive.



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A Soul Poem

Your Soul Poem


Poems of the soul

rarely veer far from

infinite gratitude,

so rise up and again

take your power

in your heart and

notice how your love

expands out into yourself.

*  *  *

Claim your inheritance:

hope unbounded, yet always

raising humanity to those

infinite skies where beauty

sings with vibrant colors

to the rhythm of Earth’s

internal dance which excites the

never-ending and sacred passions

eternally pressing us to light up.


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Take The Time

Any Moment


It takes this moment

– to fully arrive, merging

with you natural world.

Find that sea within and

surf upon those delicate

waves of ambition. Linger on

in those wild prairies where

your thoughts grow wild.

Explore the jungles of your

heated passions. And finally,

breathe in your sacred truth


It takes this moment

– to finally experience

your true self, merging

with your innate nature.

Bridge with your oceans,

that connection with your

whole breathe. Dance with

the prevailing winds of your

intuition. And fully merge

with your truth. You. Are. Love.

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I saw You

Seeing You Finds My Truth


I saw you

– god I wish it was

from across the room,

where our eyes locked –

but I saw you, or your

site profile, and was

immediately intrigued.

We started talking – and

I wanted to know your

soul, your heart, your

thoughts. We started

talking and I wanted to

know you. I saw you,

and I wanted to be

yours. I came to know

you and I want to be the

person you call yours. We

talk, and I want to put

my heart in your hands.

I see you and I find my Truth.

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Your Higher Life

Bring Yourself


Bring yourself to the

higher life and become

who you were always

meant to be – the Holder

of the Sacred Breath.

Take in all that this

existence has for you

and  bestow onto this

world your greatest

gift – your active presence,

for you are indeed the

Holder of the Sacred Breath.


Bring yourself  to the

higher life and find your

sublime truth, the Barer of

the Sacred Fire- that which

you already know but

desperately suppress to

be like “everyone else.”

Illuminate the world with

your great light and be the

Barer of Sacred Fire that

you are were born to be.

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A Happy Place

Our Songs


Your soul sings out

to the places you will

be from, singing the

song of arrival – can

you hear those dulcet

melodies, the song of

homecoming tinged with

a wanting sadness. Listen

to that song beloved, for

that songs reveals your

hidden truth, that the

world is a happy place

where you are everything.


My soul sings out, this

is true, for the truth

of my heart and it’s

sacred truth. The heart

sings: “I have become

enamored, completely

besotted by life; left

eternally in awe and

constantly honored by

beauty’s presence.” And

that truth reveals a more

subtle reveal that I, and I

suspect you too, are strong

enough to become accepting,

that I, are courageous

enough to become gentle.


Our souls sing out from

where we know not, yet

that song fills our hearts

and nourishes our souls.

Listen deeply, can you hear

it, that chorus of silent

echoes call to us speaking

of our life’s destiny, that you

my beloved, are the holder

of divine wisdom, and I now

know the truth of your song,

that it is a happy place where

you become everything, for

then everything shines true

with your sacred beauty.

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The Little Things

Simple Pleasures


Simple pleasures come

with an open acceptance

to life’s circumstance

and a gentle awareness

in this whole moment:

A slice of cake for breakfast,

snugly animals,

a long slow breath, the gentle

release of the soul’s

stress, water hitting  the skin

during a shower.

These mundane events

brings a softness to the heart

and an openness to love.


Simple pleasures come

in different forms for

different people: a

little message sent with care,

unexpected gifts,

a hug from your love, walk

through the natural world,

pleasant sounds that sing

to the listener’s true ear;

these little blessings

bestow light onto

our life’s direct and divine

path and elevates our love.

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