The Heart’s Courage

Bountiful Nature of Love

I was but little

found through the beginning and

looked over by the

end yet through the forgetting

life taught me lessons

true to the soul, and the heart

that love’s courage gives us strength.

Surely a revered

truth strikes a deep accord in

our hearts and still

fortifies our souls into

the grand plan of bountiful

love through the vastness of God.

I was but little

lost though completely content

– stranded by the edge

of time yet left behind to

find my true path through

this wild ride called life with

only my heart to guide me.

Surely it must take

first being lost if you hope

to eventually

find your true self through this life,

and finding yourself

both inside and out of your

heart must truly take courage.


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Love’s Lingering Hope


was thought

made manifest

in the hope of your

always beating heart.

So you took that hopeful

thought and honored

it with your




it deeper

still into the

caverns of your

ever-expanding soul.

Instilling within its sacred

wonders the emanation

of love through

my breathing


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On the shores

of eternity

destiny leaves its’


that we may


– if we so choose –

yet decisions

are to be made

in life.

But just know

this truth:

Success awaits us

to accept

the responsibility and

then it will

manifest itself into

our lives.

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Breathe Deeply



Breathe deeply into

this little heart of mine and

find my subtle truth:

To you, my sacredness flows.

Yes, breathe deep within

our own hearts and follow it

to the fragrances of love.


Breathe deeply into

this ever-expanding life

of mine where each breath

links the past to the present.

Yes, breathe deep within

our hearts and you will find the

cause of our soul’s happiness.


Breathe deeply into

this, the night of destiny –

Laylat- alQadr –

where our hearts light our life’s paths.

Yes, breathe deep within

our hearts and follow it to

the fragrance of our hearts.

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Woven Fate

The Gate Of Wonder


Through this gate –

the gate of wonder –

heard the winds sing

your name with sacred

reverence and I was

left ready to dance to

your melody. I feel

your rhythmic voice

move through my soul,

ever echoing through

the chambers of my heart.

Turning inward, I feel

the universe looking out

of my heart onto our

sacred love where the

threads of the celestial

vibrations weave love

into our shared fate.

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Our Forever

The Goblet


Look at me

if you will –

our forever can

spare this instant  –

so look at me and

trust these eyes as

I trust your heart.

Let us extend our

hands towards each

other and I shall

place this cup, this

chalice of my heart

into your palms. Let

us extend our hands

towards each other

and you shall place

this cup, this chalice

of your hear into my

pams. Let us, we two

together, pour each

other’s chalices into

the goblet of our

unified love, and each

in our own turn put

the ornate goblet of

our sacred love to

each other’s lips to drink

heavily from the God’s

wellspring of Love. Yes,

Look at me, our forever

can spare this one sacred

moment where our hearts

join in one sacred union.

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A Begotten Truth



It was always there,

lingering in your

repose and with

the eyes of the brown

earth, I have finally

found the abode

of my breath.


It was always there,

living between the

tum-pah, tum-pah, tum-

pah of your heart beats.

With the red heart of

the green earth I found

my soul bound by

your heart beats.


It was always there

lying deep within your

sacred eyes and with

the gentle touch of

sunlight reflected

in the tears of the

western winds I saw,

life’s begotten truth.

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