Towards Those Star-fields



Take with you

your winged

passions of a

deliberate heart

and hurl yourself

into the wild whims

of a bird-flight’s

vision. Take no

regard in the

possibility of

a passing pain,

but rather heed

the lessons that

will transcend your

heart and elevate

your sacred soul.


Take with you

your searing heart

blazing high across

the setting skies and

venture true into

those star-fields

far, streak across

that inflamed heart.

Throw yourself into

that purifying inferno

which sanctifies

the heart of this

living moment of

heralded possibilities.

And bare witness

to the glories of

your breathing soul.


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Tear Drop

I Would Rather


I would rather

be a teardrop in

the ocean than the

ocean in your

teardrop, left to

slight down your

gentle cheek and

then wiped away

and cast aside, left to

dry out and die. No, far

better to be smaller, to be

just a gentle teardrop

left to fall into the

ocean and merge with

the greater god, where I

become whole.

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Identity Crisis

Walking Questions


These are the days

wandering by that

I wonder who I am.

Am I the teacher of poses

only, or am I something more?

Perhaps something darker?

Am I a goodness enwraped

and entangled by a darkening

cloud or am I that seed of

darkness spinning in the

center of the brilliant flame

of love’s great light? Step by

slow step I set my path to

find no answers here.


These are the days

that pass this life by and

I am left wondering…

Am I a worthwhile

being of esoteric knowledge

like my name suggests, or

am I just the fool playing

tricks and mind games

on everyone else who

witness my being? Am I

a good person marred by

a terrible path of pain, and

seek to find relief through

love or am I a self-absorbed

louse that delights in bringing

everyone else down? Am I the

saintly wretch that elevates all

but can’t seem to save myself,or

am I the holy criminal that pilfers

a living from those that would harm

the unknowing followers? I can’t

seem to find those answers, and

am left to wander the roads of

this universal soul hoping for

an answer, one single answer.

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The Broken Mirror

The Great Sorrow


It is to you,

the whole of

humanity that

I speak to. I

feel to repent

for your mistaken

beliefs of me. You

speak of greatness,

you speak of love, you

touch on the platitudes

of light and wonder

when you look onto me,

and I have allowed that

error to grow in magnitude.

But you see, that is not me.

That is in you, in all of you. I

am merely a shattered

mirror, broken but reflecting

your magnificence back

onto you with shards of

radiant light bouncing

everywhere, off into

obscure angles. I am a

broken mirror always

reflecting the viewer’s

persona, never my own.

I have let your thoughts of

me fester into a troublesome

weight that I wish not to

carry anymore. I grow weary

of bearing that weight, I grow

weary of that deception, I grow

weary of that forlorn penitence.

I have little worth within myself,

as a cracked mirror and have

just as much luck too.


It is to you,

the world of wild

inhabitants, that I wish

to make an amends. I

have taken you forgranted

in this feeble life of mine,

presumed a certain right to

your being. I have taken far

more from you than I have

returned back unto you. I

have breathed great quantities

of your air without much

gratitude, I have ate the

flesh of your animals, and

fibers of your plants, with

a few mere words of prayer

(some only out of habit) and

in that consumption I have not

given you your fair share, I have

not make your greatness any

better, nor the weight you bare

any lighter. I find myself lacking

in worth of what you have given

and still give to all life here, and

I am loathe to continue in this

crime. You are to be raised up,

honored, and celebrated more

than Men, more than life, more

than all. My only wish is that

with this amends you are less

burdened, I am sorry for

all the pain I have caused on

your surfaces and hope that

those acts will soon cease.

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The Darkening Night


One day a night will come,

arriving on the eve of the

heart’s great battle, feigning

a moment’s delight in the

greater pain of the soul.

And during that night a

choice will be made, either

through the heart, or

with the mind’s forlorn

capacity. Breathe through

that decision and let your

heart shine forth, for even

in the darkest of nights a

candle can be seen, and in

the coldest of winters one

hug can warm a belittled

heart. With that breathe a

new knowledge will come

to view: that only together

can we be the stewards

of our shared destiny in love.

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Past Pains

These Crying Skies


These crying skies fall

all around my blemished soul

drowning this life in

a suffocating sadness

that constantly begs

the question of life’s value:

Is living worth all this pain?


These crying skies tell

of a storied past filled with

erroneous luck

that bares the last prophecy:

the power of one

person can alter the life

of another drastically.


These crying skies drown

the passions and strangles the

will to continue

this life incarnate, but true

to my life path, I

cease to live yet do not die

for this life lives in soul’s pain.

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Brace Yourself

The Arrival


Brace yourself

for the arrival is coming.

if you wish to see,

close your eyes and keep

your mind wide

open, if you wish to

hear, silence your

speaking mind and

allow your heart to sing.

The arrival is happening.

the soul’s call is not for

the timid in love, nor for

sure in life, but requires a

vulnerable courage to

be open to the tides of life

and the pains of love. Open

your heart, open your mind

and breathe deeply for it

comes for all who wish to be love.

Brace yourself

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