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Day 361 – The Things You Do



The things you do

seem to affect me

most when you

don’t know you’re

doing them, I become

afflicted by love when

you spontaneously

do something that

strikes at my heart.

You say, What do you

think, lifting the pitch

of the last word, and I

know that I am wholly

incomplete. When your

fingers twist and twine

with my hair, electricity

shoots down my spine,

bringing my heart

fully alive, fully

understanding that

life’s manifest destiny

lies within our love,


The things you do

affect me so, taking

me spiraling upwards

into the heavens where

only love exists, and I

see your face there too,

awaiting mine, as if

to show me that our

souls are joined in this

life. The way you

wash only your bangs

in the morning, or look

upwards to put your

secondary eyes in, melts

my heart and races my

pulse, but most of all,

the way you guide my

thoughts to your whims

and let me think it was

my decision is, by far,

the best thing you

could ever do. It is in

those native moments

that my unguarded heart

is sought out and expressed

through our shared love.



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Day 346 – Fated Destiny

Find It Here


It is here,

this place, this time,

where we can

find ourselves

just as we are,

fully accepting

ourselves in

this present

incarnation, with

all our stressers,

all our packaged

pains, all our beguiled

guilt. Breathing deep

in thisĀ  moment of

realization where we

find ourselves.

It is here.


It is here,

the here and now

of this breath, that

we can transcend

our misgivings,

our sufferings, our

heart’s tragedy to

encapsulate a

sacred love for

this moment, but

only for this moment

and then let it pass

for all things will

surely pass weather

we want them to

or not. So breathe

deeply into this

moment of eternity,

and then let it go,

to attain to your

higher self of

realized love.

It is here.


It is here.

The time has

come and the

place stands ready

to receive your

manifold greatness,

letting go of what

you think you are

owed in this life, or

who you think you

are, letting all ideas

of yourself and your

purpose in life to pass

before you and fade

into the land of

distant memories. So

breathe deeply into

this moment and

realize your fated

destiny lies with

love eternal.

It is here.

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Day 341 – Delight

A Half Known Truth


Take delight in our

sharing, the communal

giving and receiving

of each other’s gentle

caressings, blending

time with experience;

life with love; glances

with touches; breath

with intention; thoughts

with purpose, so take

delight in our communal

sharing as we descover

each other in our hearts.

I was made whole, yet

incomplete until you,

for who can know a

whole truth when only

half of it has been

experienced, so take me

in your heart and let me

find my home in your

arms, as my soul sings

the words: You and

I and Love to the rhythm

we make, we two together.


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Day 323 – I Could Lift



With the strength

you’ve shown

I could lift you

to the pleasures

of heaven with

the winged energy

of our delight.

With that truth

I could use your

practiced strengths

and stretch them

until they reach for

our contradictions –

for far inside us, we

two together, gods

wish to consult

with sacred love.

Holding to that

strength, I could

find my bravery in

the face of unprompted

vulnerability and tear

off the mask veiled

in vanities and extend

my unprotected heart

to you who holds my

future in your hands.

With the strength

you’ve shared I could

lift our lives where

love speaks through

authentic spontaneity

dancing always with

the grand design of

coincidental synchronicity

where love keeps eternity

in it’s infinite grasp

for eternity is like love.


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Day 321 – It Comes

One Point


It comes down to this:

life brings love to our meaning;

morning arms reach towards

resting beauty’s sacred sight

always striving for

one point of contact with your

love’s mystified dignity.


It goes with our love:

this feeling of connection

binding our hearts through

time and experiences;

one point of contact

propels the probing mind to

gathers the love in our hearts.


It beings like this:

the mounting a passions within

a desirous

kiss: this one point of contact

leads to the finding

of two souls already whole

made fuller with a shared love.



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Day 151

To Farmers of a Fertile Mind


Farmers go to the fields in

Early spring to till the land

So must humanity enter their thoughts

To purify their minds

Always seeking ever greener pastures


Gardeners enter their lands in late spring

To plant the seeds of their crops

As humans muyst be alwats vigilant

Being open to the seeds of new thought

Receptivity germinates the seeds of creativity


Fieldhands go the the pastures in early summer

To water and prune their plants

So must the honest person not diminishing

Always tend to their idealic notions

Intuition will guide the timing of a creative life


Reapers go into the acreage in Autumn

To harvest their crops

As the living must create with action

That which they had thought

Truth guides thought to actions to final fruition


Storekeepers store and sell

The bounty of the fields

So must the artists manifest

Creations unto the rich world

For creations breeds inspiration anew.

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