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Nature’s Blessings



The sacred smoke rises

bathing life in a purity

of blessed intentions:

– to walk the path of

the veiled valley where

your destiny lies in wait

for your fated arrival.


The sacred waters flow

softening the hard edges

along it’s purposeful way:

– to become strong as only water

can be, being gentle in it’s

movement towards its source –

where life manifests love.


The sacred winds blow

hither and thither imbuing

the creative impulse within:

– to instill a calming evolution

that guides all towards love –

uniting in this moment, your

whole self with your whole self.


The sacred sound echoes

through the chasm of silence

blessing life with a divine grace:

– singing your honored truth

through the veiled vanities of

your blessed heart – where you

can say that all life is sacred.


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Elemental Love

The Rains


Let your rains fall down,

cleansing and nurturing,

let your rains fall down

to reveal the elemental truth

that water is life, and that

life is love made pure.

Let your rains fall down.


Let your rains fall down,

washing and enlightening,

let your rains fall down

to bring new breath to love

illuminating the new elemental

spirits of the airs to revel in love.

Let your rains fall down.


Let your rains fall down,

moistening and purifying,

let your rains fall down

to kiss and caress the Earth’s

sacred form, elevating beauty

in the terrestrial form to love.

Let your rains fall down.



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Day 284 – Elemental Love

Love’s Sacred Union


I came from Love

and to love I shall return.

Baring the sacred union

within my quivering soul, I

seek you out to give my

heart in Gratitude.


I came from Water

and to water I shall return.

Bringing constant change to

the landscape of your vulnerable

heart, always to give an outlet

for your soul to thrive.


I came from Earth

and to earth I shall return.

Forming the foundation

on which you will build a

nurturing love that fills this

world with wonder and peace.


I came from Fire

and to fire I shall return.

Inciting active movement

towards an embracing love

where the “I-s” and “You-s”

are burned in the sacred union of “We”


I came from Air

and to air I shall return.

Lifting the wings of

angels as I move always

upwards toward your lofty

soul and your brilliant love.


I came from Space

and to space I shall return.

Breathing out expansive peace

as I near your presence, only

to breathe in your soul’s

ever-expanding love-fragrance.


I came from Life

and to life I shall return.

Tempting fates with the

passing from love and

the coming to love through

love’s sacred procession, singing

the hymns yet to be written


I came from Love

and to love I shall return.

Joining in the sacred union

of our souls precious song;

performed with our heart’s

longing vibrations of contact.

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Day 282 – Feel To Heal

Wake To Feel


You wake to feel

the wind on your

radiant face, always

kissing, always

caressing, always

loving. Arising from

the great depths of

love you breathe

from your heart to

feel the ease to heal.


You wake to feel

the sun on your

beautiful skin, always

warming, always

blessing, always loving.

Arising each morning

from the great canyon of

sky to illuminate the

love in your heart to

feel the peace to heal.


You wake to feel

the waters gliding over

your wondrous body, always

blessing, always nurturing,

always loving. Arising from

the descended nights into

more playful days you

swim in the great sea

of love to fill your heart

with love’s breath to

feel the presence to heal.

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Day 231 – What Have You To Say

Questions And Answer


What have you to say

– my oceanic lover –

what –

when you find

have –

that life strands you

you –

away from your home

to –

surrounded by giants

say –

in the land of trees.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my mountain goddess –

what –

when you find

have –

yourself, solid of earth,

you –

become unbalanced

to –

transforming from life

say –

to life in unknown ways.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my ethereal lover –

what –

when you are too heavy

have –

with the dross of time

you –

and the plague of experiences

to –

to feel the lightness to root

say –

leaving your sacred heart

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my fire goddess –

what –

when your light starts

have –

to dwindle, being extinguished

you –

from maligned plans

to –

and a troubled heart

say –

for your souls becomes reactive.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my cosmic lover –

what –

when circumstance sends

have –

your heart and soul through

you –

a gauntlet of suffering

to –

so slowly you can’t see


or comprehend the divine purpose.

What have you to say?


* And the lover answers *


I –

who am always on

Am –

the cusp of life and death

Love –

continually give that which I receive.


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Of Life and Death – A love song

Of Life And Death:

A Love Song





The Waters eternally flow

every way and always new

Coursing the various paths

haunted by all, including you

Leaving no avenue untravelled

nor any sight left unseen

Always flowing through tides

low and high with equal keen

The waters gradually move

towards the ocean with measured pace

Knowing that each moment spent

gives more momentum in love’s race

Rejuvenating life with moving waters

distills the passions of water’s flow

purifying always the eternal life

with every high tide and low





With every step I take

I see the casualties of life spent

Taken from those whose years

have given a life freely lent

Procuring in holy writ

life’s designed from high above

Each life is to live wholly true

in devotions of truth – one love

Progressing the mind to fulfill

the bodies soul is to falsify life

rather satiate the soul first

then act to fill the day’s wife

for the marriage of day and night

fortifies wisdom’s love stiles

Drop by sacred drop

the water basin will fill

Taken from all those precious years

a life begotten from a soul lent

And with each deliberate step

I see the causalities of life spent

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Day 246



The men of Fire

always quick to react with

passionate ire

Give little thoughts to

virtuous patience

always purify themselves

with fire like John

Healing the ill-famed people

with an eternal fire.


The Water people

flow through life with a peace

wonderfully found

always within their actions

Baptizing the soul

with purifying waters

Cool, crisp, and cleansing

The holy waters of earth

rejuvenate the spirits

of everyone that lives true


The people of Air

receive the breath of all life

Gain their certain truth

through wisdom divinely pure

Breathe impassioned life

with passionate winds of change

Evoking new thoughts

clear of clutter and is pure

As the winds sweeping across

the searing desert of all life


Followers of Earth

Gain their strength and wisdom from

contact with presence

Rubbing her clothes on themselves

getting dirt under

their nails and into their skin

Taking nurturing

spirit of the eternal

mother that forfeits

life to bare life ever new

Renewing passions for life.

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