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Looking With Receptive Awe

Reckless Wonder


With receptive eyes

one can look about

themselves and see

beauty’s austerity

all around: the stark

colors – blue and white,

brown and green, orange

and red, or any other

combinations; the merging

relationships throughout

Nature and humankind

too. Look about you

and see that reckless

wonder that the universe

puts in front of our eyes

each and every moment.

You can see all this, and

more too; if only you

look with receptive awe.


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A Radiant Honor


Look to the stars,

those radiant beings

that give life hope and

beauty. Look to the

sun and moon see

the truth of life:

evolution spins our

love round and

round, as we share

in our growth. So let

us look to the stars

and be inspired to

live a life full of love.


Look to life with the

eyes o the blue wind,

ever roving, ever kissing

the faces of those who

brave the cold winds. Yes,

look to life and see the

sacred honor of life: to

join in a soul’s convergence

with love. So let us look

to all life and and share in

that radiant joy that is love.

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To Arrive

Breathe In Love


I have arrived,

coming home to

my intricate self,

having born those

ugly pains through

the seven layers of

my implacable hell, I

found my breath still

flowing and my heart

still beating. Yes I have

arrived home to my

heart to find in the end

that the true vision of

things seen is simply

a melding of the many

worlds birthed by

a sacred love.


I have arrived,

traipsing through

the celestial garden’s

of a lover’s heart. I

have come home to

my heart after an

eternity of darkness;

for any moment of

doubt, and moment of

dispute in the heart

bares the weight of

eternity, and each

night I shall sing in

glorious colors to honor

love’s sacred sight.

Yes, I have arrived to

find beauty in this

and all worlds near

and far, to breath in

life’s blessings in love.


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Cup Of Hearts



I take this cup –

the cup of your heart –

and drink that sacredness.

Tasting the purity of

grace and the beauty

of wholeness; I drink

from the river of silence.

I drink those blessings held

in the cup of your heart –

I take this cup –

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Unified Love

The Shrine Of Our Heart


We, the people of

a wayward heart, see

gratitude in every

act: a handshake and

hug, a falling leaf, a rising

sun, storm clouds, the

trash truck going by. We

take time each day to

worship at the shrine

of our hearts to bask in

a gracious love, for we

are souls united, we

are a love made whole.

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Live Fully

The Flower


Breathe deeply. Now.

Take in those scents: the

grass in the meadows,

trees in the fields.

Breathe deeply. Now.


Live fully. Now.

Let your actions

be your scent: flowing

sweetly through air.

Live fully. Now.


Breathe deeply. Now.

Inhale those scents.

from others who love:

sweetness and saltiness.

Breathe deeply. Now.


Live fully. Now.

Be the brave flower

in the city of life:

flowers of color and light.

Live fully. Now.

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Self Compassion



In this wild world

of infinite delights, we

are given the gift of

choice: to talk beautifully

or to live falsely, walk

purposefully or be lead

by the will of others, to live

lovingly or to let your

heart harden into a

stone. The gate to your

happiness lies at the gate

of a sacred choice, to forgive

and let go of your judgements

and breathe in compassion

for your self. Yes, this world

made mad with beauty is

created by the laws of choice.

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