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Higher Realms

That Land Of Magic


You take me to that

higher sphere, where

the land of magic reigns

supreme in the heart

of the beloved, so rip

apart this shroud that

distances you from me

and reveal the heart

of the lover to the

eyes of the the beloved.

Place your hopes in

his hands and rejoice

in the love that you share.


I take you to that

realm, elevating you

to your natural throne,

where in the times of

myth, the heart of the

lover mingles with the

grace of the beloved;

secretly blending the

roles of lover and beloved.

We ever seek to reach

those sacred heights

again, forever lifting

each other up to the

kingdom of the heart.


So, take me there, and

I’ll carry your load, upon

my back. Let us strengthen

each other in turns, giving

and receiving support, each

leading and the other

following in their turn. Yes.

Take this heart in your

beautiful hands and I’ll

take yours as we, we two

together, always move into

those higher realms where

love abides in grace and

beauty flows from heart

to heart always enhancing

the the lives of the beloved

and the lover, as our roles

blend into one wholeness.


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There exists a

closeness that

speaks of infinite

grandeurs laden with

a golden hue being

emitted from your

ecstatic beauty.

An angel descends.

A goddess comes.

Always speaking

the truth, that love

is all we breathe.

There is a closeness

that holds our hearts

in an eternal intimacy.


There exists a

closeness that

speaks of a noble

truth laden with

awe that gives way

to a bold understanding.

We all come from the stars.

We are universally cosmic.

Always bestowing an

elegance through life:

that love is all we

breathe in this world.

There is a closeness

that binds our hearts

in the quantum

entanglement of love.


There exists a

closeness that

speaks our heart’s

greatest secrets,

lifting a weight off

of our wearied souls.

A breathe strengthens.

A sigh releases.

Always relieving

the heart’s hidden

pain with a more

sanctified love, ending

the self-made crucible

our minds perpetually

play upon our hearts.

There is a closeness

that holds our hearts

in an eternal intimacy.

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On This Morning

Waking To Beauty


On this morning

waking to such

beauty, is a

dream realized,

a truth seized,

a day revealed,

and a mystery

grasped. On this

morning, waking

to such beauty

I breathe easier

in the knowledge

of the heart that

speaks only of love.


On this morning,

holding to such

pleasures is a

moment frozen

through eternity’s

scope, an empty

mind, a breath

suspended, a

beauty fulfilled.

On this morning

holding to such

pleasures, I breathe

easier knowing

that love always

surrounds us.


On this morning

witnessing beauty’s

breath is all eternity

held in a moment,

glories gilded in

gold, an opening

of the heart’s gate,

a flood of love. On

this morning witnessing

beauty’s breath in all

eternity, I breath

easier in this

knowledge of the

heart that speaks

only of our love.

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A Soulship

Accelerated Times


We are living in

accelerated times where

our love spins our souls

towards one another and I

found in myself in

a soulship with your sacred

heart which brings life to this soul.


We are living in

accelerated times where

love and beauty dance

to the rhythm of our love.

And we revel in

that ecstatic joy always

dancing through the days and nights.

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You Came To Know Love

Bear The Presence


You came

bearing the

presence that

you so dearly

hold to, taking

it with you


you go like it

was worthy of

your sacredness.


You come

speaking truths

through loving

wisdom, blessing

this world, with

each step you

take, and all who

meet you on your

path better for

having met you.


You go

always in

the direction

of your heart,

following no

one but your

intuition. Looking

here and going

there always

towards beauty.


You went

with full sail

towards love,

and love found

you in my heart,

blessing me with

a greatness I

could never

have grasped

through life’s

path without

your sacred


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Day 362 – Infinite Grace



You, in your

infinite grace,

wash upon the

shore of eternity,

forever dancing

at the edges of

strange sights.

You, in your

grand eloquence,

laugh asĀ  you

descend ever

deeper into the

pool of love, where

we shall meet. You

and I shall take

each other’s hands

and hold tightly as

we allow our souls to

soar in God’s sacred

magnificence, forever

taking in all that

beauty that follows

love; entering our

unified heart.

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Day 359 -I See You

The Soulfire


I see you.

Stoking the embers

of your soulfire

before the growing

flames of love’s

labors soon to win.

For you stand before

the precipice of

your greatness.

I see you.


I see you.

Warming your heart

with the flames of

your soulfire.

As you watch me,

let my mind wander

the depths of your

honored greatness;

with your all seeing,

all knowing ocular

air of our love.

I see you.


I see you.

Igniting the growing

flames of my

soulfire, silently

merging our hearts

together. In the

sacred silence we

can feel the wisdom

of love bringing

us closer to the

edge of love.

I see you.

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