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Day 1- Here And Now

Still Lives In Forgiveness


Here and Now

Now is Here.

and Here, the Universe

blesses us all with

each intentional

Breath in the

Here and Now.


Now and Here

Here is Now.

and Now, the Sacred

gives all of us honor

through the choosing

of an intentional

Choice in the

Now and Here.


The Sacred takes much

delight in our Gratitude,

yet Lives still more in our

eternal Forgiveness.


Now and Here

with the Here in Now.

Nature welcomes us all

in beauty through our

righteous love in the

Now and Here.


Here and Now

with the Now being Here.

Life wraps all breath in  her

radiant beauty always leaving

more yet to behold in the

Here and Now.



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Nature’s Blessings



The sacred smoke rises

bathing life in a purity

of blessed intentions:

– to walk the path of

the veiled valley where

your destiny lies in wait

for your fated arrival.


The sacred waters flow

softening the hard edges

along it’s purposeful way:

– to become strong as only water

can be, being gentle in it’s

movement towards its source –

where life manifests love.


The sacred winds blow

hither and thither imbuing

the creative impulse within:

– to instill a calming evolution

that guides all towards love –

uniting in this moment, your

whole self with your whole self.


The sacred sound echoes

through the chasm of silence

blessing life with a divine grace:

– singing your honored truth

through the veiled vanities of

your blessed heart – where you

can say that all life is sacred.

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The Call

Only Love Could Answer


I have heard their call,

the sisters of the sky –

where the stars all gather

to celebrate our beauty –

I have heard their call

that life is a mystical

experience to be lived

with devotion to love.


I have heard their call,

the brothers of the earth –

where life all gathers

to honor our presence –

I have heard their call

that all life is a ritual

which our souls perform

with reverence to life.


And I have heard their call,

the family of distant pasts –

where wisdom gathers to

shape a future guided by love –

I have heard their call

over the river of silence

where life came knocking

and only love could answer.

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Gathering Stars

Life’s Vista


It is true that the

stars – visible and

innumerable – all

gather to celebrate

the birth of your love,

to be touched by the

gods and given the

beauty which that touch

has brought leaves the

rest of us unable to speak.

That fated moment where

grace became manifested

in the hearts of mankind

bring a terrifying beauty

to this world and a manifold

purpose to  life’s delicate

balance. We are all seekers,

in a way, looking towards

others for our sacred truth,

and looking back through

life – personal and global – we

see through the pains and

tragedies of life and come

to view the vista of life

lives in the truth of beauty’s

divine bounty: your heart.


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One Day

The Holy Now


One day –

perhaps today –

you will know, more

than knowledge can say,

that Greatness abounds here;

that Greatness abounds there, that

Greatness abounds all around.

It is more than knowledge

can say and perhaps

it is today that

you know.



One day –

perhaps today –

you will feel more

than experience can show,

to feel the strength of Beauty

lying within your heart, the strength

of Beauty lying without your body, the

strength of Beauty everywhere. It is more

than a fleeting experience of your body,

more than what experience can show,

that you will feel more, perhaps

that day is today to feel,

perhaps it is here

for all time.



One day –

perhaps today –

you will see, see more

than vision can allow, that

Truth is beauty made manifest,

that Truth is a courageous strength

that only Greatness opens up to that

sacred strength that grows from

the Beauty held within, as it

is distilled without the

body made holy.


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Unknown Results

A Living Experiment


Hold on to this heart,

it’s a little unsteady in

the presence of such

beauty that is radiating

from you celestial soul.

– beautiful words on a

white page written for

an eternal joy in living

your sacred truth – words

I wish to speak to you,

always with bated breath

and in scented tongue. Let

other’s think me mad, maybe

I am; but to be mad because of the

ecstasy I find myself in gazing

at your soul is just me being

a living experiment where the

cause is beauty and the effect

is still yet to be discovered.

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Love and A Sunrise

Morning’s Radiance


A Red sun rises,

and blue sky is made.

The black bird sings

as the gentle night fades.

So, rejoice this day,

and feel the air take

feel it enter ourselves

and the actions we make.

See in life this daily beauty

with a joyful heart to take and share

For beauty is only the exterior

of a love our hearts do bare.


See into me what

the past has wrought

and bare witness to

the present we sought

forging ahead through

the mist, the path we find

heart to heart and hand

in hand we strive to bind.

So breathe deep and feel

your hair and the fluttering wind,

they set sail to our souls

and trust love to us they send.


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