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Day 34 – An All-consuming Love

The Eyes of I

Eyes see you

the I’s in
the crowd about you
worshipping beauty
as they see it.

The eyes crave
a vision of what
they can’t comprehend
– that unsought manifestation

Of love in your form.

I’s see you

The eyes of
our everyday skies
as they bring a
luminous joy
with their gaze.

The I’s see you
transcend the ever-
elevating beauty

that only a light
and breathless joy
can expose to

Your all-consuming love.

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Day 33 – Set Free

A Great Wholeness

Set free your dreams

let them roam the wilderness

of your beating heart.

Follow deep into those marrows

where crooked narrowness spreads

into the fevered fields of creation.

step by step to find your footing

along that arduous path that eventually

leads you to your soul’s final salvation

where your enlightenment guides you to love.

Let loose your demons

let them reign high in this Kali age

where darkness ignites the sky

and hearts muddle the light in life.

Accept those insecurities and

harness those perceived flaws

exposed and strengthened from

past trials and pains and live

your truth as you enter a soul-ship

with your wholeness unified into You.

Set free your mind

and allow your thoughts to

move towards their own rewards.

Mind not the body’s reaction to

growth for wisdom is gained

through every inch of you; a

burning salvation revealed through

the heart’s feigning control over

a raw vulnerability, ever echoing

the praises of your great wholeness.

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Day 31 – Civilized Wildness


The soul – our light –

It vibrates our stardust bodies

out there, out into this

civilized wildness.

Let it move you towards

something great; something

so magnificently you. the

more you embrace your truth,

the more you shine, and share

in the beauty that is generated

with your kaleidoscopic light. And

in the end to find beauty being

refracted back to vibrate

our higher frequencies home

Our light – our soul

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Day 30 – Magnificence

Go To That Place

Take your magnificence there –

where all mysteries dissolve

into the misty mountains where

miracles are manifested in love –

Take your magnificence there –

Take your heart there –

where the seven heliospheres of

hazy radiance shine forth from

a life lived in a balance called love –

Take your heart there –

Take your soul there –

where stillness born of actions

instill faith in the moments

we can intentionally breathe love –

Take your soul there –

Take your mind there –

where all paths lead to the same

three fountains to present the one

great choice: from which to drink love –

Take your mind there –

Take your magnificence there –

where the universe marvels at

your wonders and strives to honor

your beauty through its infinite love –

Take your magnificence there –

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Day 24 – The Life of Health

The Cosmic Breath

Day in, day out – we ask

many questions knowing

but a little. Ours is not

to be the inquirer, but rather

we are the answer. Each of our

paths and the fruits found

along the way nourish the

hearts and minds soon

to be encountered; many

worlds are out there to

explore – each heart, each

mind another world. In these

other worlds, new ideas abound.

Your health is not a goal, nor is

it a finite resting place. No. Health

is part of the journey, an act of

being, of becoming. Still we move,

always forwards, seemingly backwards

at times, sometimes its rapid, other

times progress is slow. And down

our paths we come to find that a

relative singularity of our hearts

manifest a binary convergence

of our souls, ever expanding,

always evolving health, life,

and love into the cosmic breath.

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Land Of Magic

Breath Of Love

We live in times of

myth deep within the lands of

magic where the eyes

know individual truths as

part and parcel of

the whole truth made more;

more radiant, beautiful

where every inch of

you calls out for others. And

so, the eyes love you

as only the eyes

can; through light and both forms.

We live in the lands

of space and the realm of time

where life mingles and

lingers with a love made whole.

Mine eyes hold true to

your truth, an ecstasy made

of your love wholly.

Indeed, the eyes love you just

as the I’s love you.

It is in this truth where life

breathes into life

with the sacred breathe of love.

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Day 17 – Miracles

Eyes Love You


Through the passage of

life and time, experience

teaches life certain

lessons when humanity

can best grasp their true

understanding. And

now a new lesson has come

to be relearned; be

re-established: That life is

filled with miracles,

some larger than life

– Jesus-esk if you life – and

others more minute,

though both are necessary.


Eyes wish to open

to your divine beauty and

live in the folds of

your love. Yes, the Eyes

love you. Completely. You bring

much joy, light, and truth

to each moment. Hearts

wish to rip themselves open;

to reveal their raw

truth and be vulnerable

to your presence. It

is true, hearts ache to

be close to your truth. You help

manifest healing

and create love in these worlds.


The lessons of life

are not lessoned by fatigue,

they bare the lightness

of truth and radiance of

the sacred fire.

I know miracles exist,

and am reminded of that

sublime fact daily.

Yes, miracles are

real and give prescience to

life’s precious moments.

As someone once wrote

Beauty is a miracle

to behold; thus I

know they exist; I witness

beauty when I gaze

upon and into your heart,

seeing your beauty,

I live in your miracle.

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Day 1- Here And Now

Still Lives In Forgiveness


Here and Now

Now is Here.

and Here, the Universe

blesses us all with

each intentional

Breath in the

Here and Now.


Now and Here

Here is Now.

and Now, the Sacred

gives all of us honor

through the choosing

of an intentional

Choice in the

Now and Here.


The Sacred takes much

delight in our Gratitude,

yet Lives still more in our

eternal Forgiveness.


Now and Here

with the Here in Now.

Nature welcomes us all

in beauty through our

righteous love in the

Now and Here.


Here and Now

with the Now being Here.

Life wraps all breath inĀ  her

radiant beauty always leaving

more yet to behold in the

Here and Now.



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Nature’s Blessings



The sacred smoke rises

bathing life in a purity

of blessed intentions:

– to walk the path of

the veiled valley where

your destiny lies in wait

for your fated arrival.


The sacred waters flow

softening the hard edges

along it’s purposeful way:

– to become strong as only water

can be, being gentle in it’s

movement towards its source –

where life manifests love.


The sacred winds blow

hither and thither imbuing

the creative impulse within:

– to instill a calming evolution

that guides all towards love –

uniting in this moment, your

whole self with your whole self.


The sacred sound echoes

through the chasm of silence

blessing life with a divine grace:

– singing your honored truth

through the veiled vanities of

your blessed heart – where you

can say that all life is sacred.

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The Call

Only Love Could Answer


I have heard their call,

the sisters of the sky –

where the stars all gather

to celebrate our beauty –

I have heard their call

that life is a mystical

experience to be lived

with devotion to love.


I have heard their call,

the brothers of the earth –

where life all gathers

to honor our presence –

I have heard their call

that all life is a ritual

which our souls perform

with reverence to life.


And I have heard their call,

the family of distant pasts –

where wisdom gathers to

shape a future guided by love –

I have heard their call

over the river of silence

where life came knocking

and only love could answer.

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