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A Grand Reflection

The Valley Of The Veil


The sacred will come

to you from the inside, like

a reflection of

a mirror – it can only

be witnessed when your

eyes are completely open

and the mind ceases it’s play.


Love will come to you

as the breath enters the lungs,

naturally without

any effort on your part –

it flows in and out

permeating this world with

a gentle magnificence.


In the valley of

the veil, life enters into

the mystical night

elevating the breathing

heart into the sky streams where

spirits soar with the

gilded wings of love, sharing

space with the sacred in life.

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Life With You

The Falcon And The Poet


Does a falcon need to be

shown how to hunt?

Or a tear to be shed?

What about a heart to love?


All come from an impulse

to act towards their nature.

– so it is with me,

I act on an impulse to

love you wholly, to give

all I have for your smile.


Does a poet need to be

told to write his words?

Or a tree to drop it’s fruit?

What about a body to feel?


All come naturally and

without promptings yet

are beautiful to behold.

– so it is with me,

I come naturally and

without promptings to

always come home;

wherever you are.

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You And I

Night And Day


You come as the night,

silently, solemnly and

without the greater

procession, but still you come

undeterred into my

life with the effect, always

saving my soul through your grace,

lifting my heart with your love.


I come as the day

with grandiose design and

a curious aire

of the flamboyantly odd;

basking the world in

my heart’s and soul’s unified

light hoping to bring forth love.


We come as a whole;

you the restorative night,

me the warming day:

each beneficial in their

own way, each have need

but love is born of the night

while life is made of the day.

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Day 318 – Inwards And Outwards

Always Flowing


Flowing inwards as

we look outwards, love’s river

nourishes our hearts;

Looking outwards as life flows

inwards, consciousness

elevates our sight breathing

into each moment

brings a peace where love shall reign

as a new gladness flowers.


Flowing outwards where

a music reigns supreme in

the greater scale of

nature’s chaotic meter,

life breathes to a beat

that only the heart can know,

looking inwards where

only the eternal eye

can see, our heart breathes in song


Flowing outwards the

same as inwards life dances

eternally to

Nature’s rhythm, seeking to

bring our hearts into

a flowering harmony

that strives to always

unify all life with our

sacred hearts to know true peace.

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Day 293 – What Time Has Sculpted

Love Comes Through


Time has sculpted this

body with circumstance

and your presence has

molded my heart with

love, so here I dance

to the rhythms of the

wild world prompted

by the melodies of

your laughing heart

and embodied love.

—-  ~~~   —-

love comes through

radiating from the glories

of my impassioned heart

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

emanating through the

beauty of my divine soul

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

entering into the wonders

of my quivering heart

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

radiating towards the expansion

of my quickening soul

—-  ~~~  —-

Time has sculpted

your body to near

perfecting with

circumstance and my

presence brings forth

an easing that enables

you to relax into your

sacred beauty that emits

the space for your divine

heart to shine forth.

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

radiating towards the deepening

of your eternally infinite soul.

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

entering into the greater

space of your gracious heart

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

emanating through the sacredness

your jovial and resilient soul

—-  ~~~  —-

love comes through

radiating from the glory

of your beautiful heart

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Day 278 – Let My Body

Cascading Shimmers Of Love


Let my body

be your canvas

onto which you

shall paint all

your love with the

colors of your

eternally awe-

inspiring soul .


Let my body

be your instrument

from which you shall

sing the  eternal song

of love from the

depths of your sacred

heart’s universe

wreathed in love.


Let my body

be your quill from

which you shall write

the book of life

through loving eyes

and a heart of infinite

grace breathed through

cascading shimmers of love.




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Day 246 – Inner Beauty

Outer Words With Inner Beauty


Beauty comes in many forms

without purpose or set cause,

divesting movement through

it’s finer grace, we – the viewers

of such ecstatic ease – are given

pause in this moment of eternity

magnified through this poignant

moment of inexpressible love

to see the inner visions of our

sanctified celestial bodies for

beauty comes in many forms.

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