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True Silences

To Venture


I venture now

out into that

wild silence

where the soul

breathes with

unending love

and dances with

beauty for all

eternity. Yes,

I, and all life too,

venture out into

that wild silence

and find that

the heart that has

eyes to see is

divinely happy.


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Grace and Virtues

Love And Beauty


Love is a fierce grace

that flutters upon the wings

of the dragonfly;

it breaths music into our

hearts and brings delight

to the mind’s eye that sees a

truth purified by your breath.


Beauty is a truth,

a flowering virtue that

clears the busy mind,

which allows us to see our

sacredness, a grace

made radiant by our heart’s

generosity and love.

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Dreamers, Angels, and Farmers

Wild Waters


And I’ve met dreamers

made wild by their passions,

living a life born

free of fearful thoughts we can

begin to create

the art of our sacred hearts.


And I’ve met angels

made holy by their breathing,

telling all life to

drink deep from the river of

silence and find the

causes of your love’s affect.


And I’ve met farmers

made joyous by their labors,

the become like the

waters forever dancing

among the rocks  and

always flowing towards it’s source.


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Love’s Heart

Leaning Locations


I stole myself

deep within the

immunity of the

world’s heart,

forever hoping

to see love’s flower

bloom eternal; my

only desire is that

the fragrance of

that flower brings

everyone to know

the truth of love.


I exiled myself

far into the land

of mute echoes

where all secrets

ring out loud from

afar through the

songs of life for

all to come and

know intimately

their right to love


I placed my soul

in the constellations

of your soul’s divine

grandeur where the

colors of love blends

with the hues of sacred

purpose; finding within

a truth that only an

eternal heart found

in balance with an

infinite mind a sacred

truth revealed.

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Life’s Beliefs


I believe in an

open vulnerability

that speaks of my

quiet truth, going

against my inner

nature, revealing

to you, always to

you – those delicate

meanings of this

heart and soul – united

in a generous love –  that

only an unprompted

vulnerability can bring.


I believe in a

living and breathing

sacredness that flows

gently through life;

it gives a perpetual

credence to my soul’s

urging to crack open

my heart daily and let

love  pour out from the

seams of the soul in the

form of  these words,

these actions; to live

your love truly whole.


I believe in the

breath found in

grace made eternal;

that divine presence

that fills each moment

we live with the playful

air of our movements

and through those acts,

our hearts find a stage

to dance our life upon,

those movements found

through grace breathe

our love into this world.




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Through This Life

The Deepest Truth


Through this life

I have gone seeking

for my soul’s deepest

truth with no avail,

for I have gone

rarely to the one

place where it

would be found.

Life takes my soul

there so that life

may become whole

and to come to know

it’s honored truth.

Yes, I go searching

for the space between

the act of breathing,

for the place where

the heart can dance

in delight of love.


Through this life,

we have been so

crowned with the

sacred flame of

love, this flame

that gives it’s life

for our heart’s

warmth. Forever

inspiring a sacred

reverence with

each holy breath.

So, I tell you now,

breathe deep with

full intentions and

let your heart’s

truest love flow

out into this world.



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Breathe Deeply



Breathe deeply into

this little heart of mine and

find my subtle truth:

To you, my sacredness flows.

Yes, breathe deep within

our own hearts and follow it

to the fragrances of love.


Breathe deeply into

this ever-expanding life

of mine where each breath

links the past to the present.

Yes, breathe deep within

our hearts and you will find the

cause of our soul’s happiness.


Breathe deeply into

this, the night of destiny –

Laylat- alQadr –

where our hearts light our life’s paths.

Yes, breathe deep within

our hearts and follow it to

the fragrance of our hearts.

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