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Breathe Deeply



Breathe deeply into

this little heart of mine and

find my subtle truth:

To you, my sacredness flows.

Yes, breathe deep within

our own hearts and follow it

to the fragrances of love.


Breathe deeply into

this ever-expanding life

of mine where each breath

links the past to the present.

Yes, breathe deep within

our hearts and you will find the

cause of our soul’s happiness.


Breathe deeply into

this, the night of destiny –

Laylat- alQadr –

where our hearts light our life’s paths.

Yes, breathe deep within

our hearts and follow it to

the fragrance of our hearts.


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Soon To Come

Singularity’s Hope


You’ll soon be there

and I’ll be waiting.

Always you come

with a receptive

and an attentive

awe and instill a

fierce grace deep

within ever heart

your path crosses;

I know this for it

has happened with

mine too. With your

exuberant splendor

you have given life

a moment of ecstasy:

a singularity between

the external body and

the internal heart that

perpetually merge into

a beauty undefined. I

have found that experience,

and I have long been

in that place eagerly awaiting

your destined arrival.

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Finding Your Breath

Breaths Of Love


Find that space

within your breath

between the inhales

and the exhales. Live

in that space and

become whole in body

and mind, for your

wholeness is a relative

singularity held within

the heart that is constantly

merging with the binary

convergence of your

sacredness that is

perpetually found

within your breath.

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A New Day

Hearts And Thoughts


Hearts and thoughts,

yes they do fade in

time’s misty web

of memories past.

Yet, that love remains

for a love that is

shared and breathed

through life’s interactions

can never depart, though

characters and roles

do shift. Remember this

lover of life, that the

love you bare always

comes both from within

your heart, and also from

outside your empty self.



Thoughts and hearts,

they have faded and gone

far away, though wallow

not into that sorrowing

night, for a greater day

is upon you. Breathe within

your heart and lift your

soul to heaven’s great

height. Learn to live where

all your actions are done

with a fierce grace and

a lover’s touch held in peace.

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Breathe Through The Heart

Smile Much


Breathe through your heart

and take hold of your

authentic spontaneity,

forever dancing with the

sacredness of each moment.

Breathe deep in your heart.


Strike at the wild seams

of the gentle greatness

elevating your mighty

soul further towards

the majestic realm of love.

Strike deep at those seams.


Return to the birth of your heart

and dance with the wild passions

carried with the weight of

a thousand suns; dance with

the coincidental synchronicity,

Return again to your heart.


Think deep and smile much,

for this life presents many

riddles and bestows a  sacred

grace in love’s knowledge:

You are the only mystery worth solving.

Think deep and smile much.

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You Are

Ocular Air Of Love


Reach deep down

towards the greater

edges of your gilded

heart and strive for

that all seeing, all-

knowing ocular air

of love’s destiny. In

the act of striving

we find the path

of surrender where

the universe arrives,

arrives, always arriving

within you as the silence

that breathes a calmness

in our chaotic lives. Reach

further still, transcending

the myriad thoughts of your

you-ness and find your

truth, that you are radiant,

that you are pure, that

you are love. You are.


Come to that point where

birth and death cease

their gentle touch upon

your heart, and live to be

that love that encompasses

all of eternity, and breathes

through the guise of material

life. For as you walk through

that veiled valley of life, you

assume that silence of the

heart where you can speak

without words, act without

actions, and love as only

a unified heart-mind can.

Transcending form, you

are reborn again and

again as that all-seeing,

all-knowing ocular air

of divine love. You are.

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Painful Growth

Perpetual Growth


This life, this precise

moment presents all who live

with a space, a breath

between the all the moments where

intelligence grows

beyond the scope of the mind;

a flash of lightning

or an inspired answer;

life gives us these precious times.


And for a moment,

a beautiful moment I

found an answer to

one of the questions that I

carry deep within

my soul that has been long sought

out in you and in

that moment we found our truth

joined together in love.


As life moves always

forward and always alive

life moved and shooked us

apart so that we may grow

always forward to

bring our souls alive.

So in this moment

we learn to breath, not with our

bodies, but with our souls too.

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