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Day 363 – You And I

When Love Unites


You live here

and work there,

you inhale here

and exhale there,

but you spread your

love everywhere.

It permeates the

air we all breathe,

and we become

rightly charged with

love. So we all can

live over here

while working there,

breathing in here

and breathing out

over there, sending

love out everywhere.


I beat the drum

inside my heart,

and I bang the drum

outside my body, infusing

life with music while

I initiate myself

within the troupe of

love. Sending my

internal song out

into this wild world

of rhythms where

souls can merge

under the guise of

dance and hearts can

join in the ecstasy

eternal love.


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Day 360 – Wake Up Call

The Wondersmith


I wake up


to the wonder

of life, for

the makers

of wonder

share their




I wake up


to the love

of love’s


for the barers

of love give

their love



I wake up


to the breath

of morning’s

air, for the

sun sings of

life’s radiance

and the birds

sing of love’s




I wake up


to the wonders

of life, for

I’ve found

in you, my love

a wondersmith,

who continuously

inspires me to

see the wonders

in this life, in

this love


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Day 356 – To See And To Touch

Sleeping Truths


I have seen your

truth, the wild

wonderment that

lies in secrecy. I have

peered through

the depths of time

and space gazing

through your

cosmic face as you

lie blanketed within

the arms of slumber.

Brushing the hair

off of your resting

cheek, I chanced a

touch of sacredness,

a caressing hand

bringing our two

hearts together.

Lying there, not

wishing to move

but for a second,

a minute, an hour,

a life; eternity

woke through your

furtive movements,

and in that breath,

I saw eternity merge

with our infinite

souls and in that

coalescing magnitude

life’s sacred beauty

was born to love.

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Day 346 – Fated Destiny

Find It Here


It is here,

this place, this time,

where we can

find ourselves

just as we are,

fully accepting

ourselves in

this present

incarnation, with

all our stressers,

all our packaged

pains, all our beguiled

guilt. Breathing deep

in thisĀ  moment of

realization where we

find ourselves.

It is here.


It is here,

the here and now

of this breath, that

we can transcend

our misgivings,

our sufferings, our

heart’s tragedy to

encapsulate a

sacred love for

this moment, but

only for this moment

and then let it pass

for all things will

surely pass weather

we want them to

or not. So breathe

deeply into this

moment of eternity,

and then let it go,

to attain to your

higher self of

realized love.

It is here.


It is here.

The time has

come and the

place stands ready

to receive your

manifold greatness,

letting go of what

you think you are

owed in this life, or

who you think you

are, letting all ideas

of yourself and your

purpose in life to pass

before you and fade

into the land of

distant memories. So

breathe deeply into

this moment and

realize your fated

destiny lies with

love eternal.

It is here.

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Day 345 – Edges

Keeps And Gardens


You have torn down

the walls of my heart’s

ramparts and stormed

the keep, keeping nothing

untouched, but through

your touch have made

everything sacred. You

pushed back the edges

of who I was, allowing

our communal growth

through our love’s

expansion. Through your

actions I have become larger,

more grand than I thought

possible, and through my

growth you have found

your home, for as I was

expanding you were moving

into my heart, placing

your future within my love.


I have planted the garden

of love’s perfume within

your soul, mixing up the

fertile soul tinged with

heartache and loneliness

to nourish the growth of

our love. I water your

fields of beauty with my

tears of happiness of which

you inspire, pushing your

boundaries of love to forever

encapsulate the sharpness

of love’s decision. I tend to

this garden seeking to win

the truest flavor of our shared

love and am ever hopeful

to always nurture our love

so that you may always

enjoy the fruits and flowers

of love’s labors won.


We seek always for each

other’s awareness in love,

expanding and nurturing

our unified growth forever

reaching past our previous

boundaries, as we breathe

towards a greater inclusion

in our love. We bridge our

differences with love’s

sharpness, for love needs sharp

edges or it is not a lasting

love, so we seek out our

defiance and pain in life

(and love) to ease that

harshness together and to

grow always together, seeking

always to learn, expand, nurture

and in the end, to find ourselves

nestled within the heart of

love, our sacredness in life.

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Day 342 – Our Beloved

Knowing Only Love


Life comes as breath

through the windows

of our soul, fleeting

as a lasting gasp through

the motives of a blended

heart, for as life goes,

death comes as the other

side of the same coin, and

beyond life lies death, but

greater still, beyond

death lies the eternal land

where love and lover merge

into one entity that eternity

cannot touch, knowing only love.


We, being born into this

wild and wicked world,

breathe beauty for nothing

is as powerful as beauty

in the space of wickedness.

We, being born into this life,

will surely come to pass into

the realm of death’s darkness,

but fear not my love and lovers,

for while we are living, we

light the eternal candles in

our hearts that shall shine

forth through the waiting world

where death lives peacefully,

and in that darkness we, we

two together, shall know

one another through our candles

lit with our love, and that shall

guide us through death into the

final realm where love reigns,

blending and mending lovers

with their beloved, knowing

only love shall be our truth.

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Day 339 – It Is Good

Little Moments


It is good

these little moments

that allow for

grand introspection –

a glance at your beloved,

a subtle breath, a lasting

sigh, these little moments

that bring us back to

our sacredness, back

to our mind’s palace

where love and

beauty reign.

It is good.


It is good,

following the sun

towards your greater

self, taking these

little moments all

to yourself, feigning

to live in your past

pains or to disregard

what has yet to come

along with your thoughts

too; but to bask in this

moment with your full

intention in your sacredness.

These little moments that

bring you back to your

holy self and allows

you to bask in love.

It is good.


It is good.

These little moments

where two beings

connect in love to

share the same mind;

to find that magic

in life that merges

us, we two together,

into one being made

whole with love. So take

these moments when

they come, and find the

space between our breaths

to grow in our shared

sacredness born of love.

It is good.

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