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Take The Time

Any Moment


It takes this moment

– to fully arrive, merging

with you natural world.

Find that sea within and

surf upon those delicate

waves of ambition. Linger on

in those wild prairies where

your thoughts grow wild.

Explore the jungles of your

heated passions. And finally,

breathe in your sacred truth


It takes this moment

– to finally experience

your true self, merging

with your innate nature.

Bridge with your oceans,

that connection with your

whole breathe. Dance with

the prevailing winds of your

intuition. And fully merge

with your truth. You. Are. Love.


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Your Higher Life

Bring Yourself


Bring yourself to the

higher life and become

who you were always

meant to be – the Holder

of the Sacred Breath.

Take in all that this

existence has for you

and  bestow onto this

world your greatest

gift – your active presence,

for you are indeed the

Holder of the Sacred Breath.


Bring yourself  to the

higher life and find your

sublime truth, the Barer of

the Sacred Fire- that which

you already know but

desperately suppress to

be like “everyone else.”

Illuminate the world with

your great light and be the

Barer of Sacred Fire that

you are were born to be.

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The Little Things

Simple Pleasures


Simple pleasures come

with an open acceptance

to life’s circumstance

and a gentle awareness

in this whole moment:

A slice of cake for breakfast,

snugly animals,

a long slow breath, the gentle

release of the soul’s

stress, water hitting  the skin

during a shower.

These mundane events

brings a softness to the heart

and an openness to love.


Simple pleasures come

in different forms for

different people: a

little message sent with care,

unexpected gifts,

a hug from your love, walk

through the natural world,

pleasant sounds that sing

to the listener’s true ear;

these little blessings

bestow light onto

our life’s direct and divine

path and elevates our love.

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Life’s Greatest Love



A moment of

beauty comes as

our perspective

shifts bringing to

us an opportunity

sublime that tempts

us to realize our higher

truth that life lies in

our gratitude to life.


Shine forth your

light and let your

kindness flow. It is

the ecstatic makers

who can alter their

fate by living with

a faith in generosity,

so breathe in your truth

and bask in the joy that

lingers at the door of

your sacred heart.


Set your heart and

soul free to sail the

seas of the universe

ad infinitum baring

costs of growth with

an ever eager mind, to

come to understand

fully the truth of God,

that life greatest love

lies within gratitude.



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The Woods And The City



Somewhere in the

deep deep woods, a

hidden truth lies that

may shift your fated

perspective. With

each step we meet

ourselves along the

path and we come to

experience a fierce

awareness and a

chilling connectivity

that places you in the

grand procession of life.


Somewhere deep in

the busy, busy city

there lies a hidden

truth that speaks of

your destined heart.

It bares the poignant

wisdom born in a

stranger’s face that

strikes intrigue in

your sacred soul. So,

look deep at those

faces and see with the

thousand hidden mystics

that magnificence flows

through your wondrous life.

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The Dance

The Great SamaH


Dar tariki tariqat –

in the darkness, the

path – it strays forward

far, ever taking you to

that higher space where

you enter onto the stage

of love; allowing that

sacred fullness dance you

to the rhythm of life.


Laylat al Qadr –

the night of destiny –

it calls you forward with

the language of silence

where the heart dances

you to the edge of love,

ever whispering to your

soul the breath of samaH,

where you become the dance.


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True Silences

To Venture


I venture now

out into that

wild silence

where the soul

breathes with

unending love

and dances with

beauty for all

eternity. Yes,

I, and all life too,

venture out into

that wild silence

and find that

the heart that has

eyes to see is

divinely happy.

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