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The Sacred Task

A Love’s Golden Breath


Strike deep within the

seems of your soul and see the

gold hidden in your

love. It is your sacred task

to find and share that

precious gift to this world and

in the giving you receive.


In the power of

one lies an infinite range

of eternities

where your love sheds it’s confines

and shines brightly on

this sacred world made up of

our choices to share that love.


So breathe deeply in

this moment and calm your mind;

for it is only

in this moment where you can

shine the light of your

heart’s most radiant love and

enjoy the fruits of sharing.


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The True

It Is Here


It is here,

this instance;

this precise sight,

where you arrive to

meet the true you, peering

deep within the mystery of

your heart and solving the

riddle that is you complete

undone and yet redone,

moving towards



It is here,

this moment;

this exact breath,

where true silence

becomes your truth.

That true silence is

the living experience

of an eternal love,

so breathe deep

and relax in

this love.


It is here,

this instance;

this precise sight,

where true vision

is revealed to be a

melding of two worlds

revolved, evolved,

and growing still,

to become one

with sacred


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A Sacred Morning

A Morning of Gifts


Upon waking, I

was given a holy gift,

breathing fully to receive

this gift, the movement of

the eternal fire, that ignition

of the reddest fire. Forever

burning a salvation into

the heart of life, so breathe

in that smoke and live that Love.


Upon waking, I

was given a blessed rite,

moving my body to receive

this gift, the emotions of

the deep earth diggers, that

heart of the green, green

Earth. Allowing me to feel

the nurturing passions of

growth to live in Love.


Upon waking, I

was given a sacred gift,

opening my eyes

to receive this rite,

the vision of the treetop

flyers, those eyes of

the bluest winds. So, I

breathe deep and see truth:

That life lives  in Love.



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The Wisdom Keepers

The Keeper of Breaths


We weary travelers

know the gifts of wondrous

meetings that bring wisdom

to our souls and love to

our hearts. The gift of a

written meeting bares

lessons to be shared in

future endeavors. I have met

several wisdom keepers, but

one stands out now:The

Keeper of the breathes. He keeps

the many breathes within him;

each has it own use and purpose.


The Breath of Fire – brings heat and

passions to our hearts, exciting

movement through the clearing

of our soul. The Breath of Love –

bares a persistent patience that

nurtures a divinity within life.

The Breath of Peace, the soul of

the dove, moves through both

solemn and active actions, bringing

the gift of solace to an agitated soul.

The Breath of Life greets every day

with a wanting sigh that welcomes

gratefulness to the morning’s breath.

The Breathe of Learning holds to

the practiced experiences that life

aligns with our growth, utilizing

the breath unites the body to the

mine. The Breath of Truth holds to

the book of time, that tome where all

acts have been recorded, giving life

the strength to perform the acts that

evolution of the soul requires. The

Breath of Smoke makes holy the

area where life lives, blessing all

eternity with the sacredness that is life.


Yes, we weary travelers know the

blessings of the fated meetings

through time and experience. We

rovers, having met the Keepers of Wisdom,

usually not in those we would assume

wisdom to be found in, come to

know that life is a conundrum of

esoterica, forever blessing this

sacred world of beauty with an

eternity to shine for our love.



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Take The Time

Any Moment


It takes this moment

– to fully arrive, merging

with you natural world.

Find that sea within and

surf upon those delicate

waves of ambition. Linger on

in those wild prairies where

your thoughts grow wild.

Explore the jungles of your

heated passions. And finally,

breathe in your sacred truth


It takes this moment

– to finally experience

your true self, merging

with your innate nature.

Bridge with your oceans,

that connection with your

whole breathe. Dance with

the prevailing winds of your

intuition. And fully merge

with your truth. You. Are. Love.

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Your Higher Life

Bring Yourself


Bring yourself to the

higher life and become

who you were always

meant to be – the Holder

of the Sacred Breath.

Take in all that this

existence has for you

and  bestow onto this

world your greatest

gift – your active presence,

for you are indeed the

Holder of the Sacred Breath.


Bring yourself  to the

higher life and find your

sublime truth, the Barer of

the Sacred Fire- that which

you already know but

desperately suppress to

be like “everyone else.”

Illuminate the world with

your great light and be the

Barer of Sacred Fire that

you are were born to be.

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The Little Things

Simple Pleasures


Simple pleasures come

with an open acceptance

to life’s circumstance

and a gentle awareness

in this whole moment:

A slice of cake for breakfast,

snugly animals,

a long slow breath, the gentle

release of the soul’s

stress, water hitting  the skin

during a shower.

These mundane events

brings a softness to the heart

and an openness to love.


Simple pleasures come

in different forms for

different people: a

little message sent with care,

unexpected gifts,

a hug from your love, walk

through the natural world,

pleasant sounds that sing

to the listener’s true ear;

these little blessings

bestow light onto

our life’s direct and divine

path and elevates our love.

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