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I See You There

Divine Wisdom


I can feel you there,

feel your loneliness

as I sleep all alone

here. I can feel

that suffocation

of your baited breath,

feel it as your thoughs

descend,yes I can feel

it and my heart hurts

for your agony; but

I know one thing, the

only thing that matters,

that you are strong,

strong enough to embrace

the gentleness of love.


I can see you there,

you with your

blessed nobility and

haunted mind. I can

see your thoughts

belittling you and

darkening your smile.

You must remember.

Remember your truth:

That it is a blessed eternity

where you are everything;

that you breathe love and

live joy, and are sacreness

in human-form. So smile. Yes,

smile, my beloved friend,

and in remembrance of things

to come, and visit those

places your stories are living,

become who you are always

meant to be, the holder of

the divine wisdom of your love.


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Those Starfields

Honoring Love


Venture bravely into

love’s true intent, opening

gradually at first, timid and

weak, but your presence

is needed, so take your

courageous heart and

open it more, continuing

the sacred work of lovers.

Let that work grow through

your acts and honor love

with gratitude. Breathe deep

and live with a sacred love.

Venture bravely into those

star-fields born afar.

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Brace Yourself

The Arrival


Brace yourself

for the arrival is coming.

if you wish to see,

close your eyes and keep

your mind wide

open, if you wish to

hear, silence your

speaking mind and

allow your heart to sing.

The arrival is happening.

the soul’s call is not for

the timid in love, nor for

sure in life, but requires a

vulnerable courage to

be open to the tides of life

and the pains of love. Open

your heart, open your mind

and breathe deeply for it

comes for all who wish to be love.

Brace yourself

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Day 244 –

The Great Listening


Listen to your thoughts

made internal and fully

extend your love out

into this mad world of our

inspired greatness

forever benefiting

the heart that guides the soul.


Listen to your thoughts

completely revealed through the

light of intellect

and expand them out into

this crazed and vapid

world where lovers finally

behold their beloved’s heart.


Listen to your thoughts

made internally great by

a heart full of hope

and a soul filled with your love

and know that I form;

I who see you completely

undone, form this world for you.


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Day 341 – Delight

A Half Known Truth


Take delight in our

sharing, the communal

giving and receiving

of each other’s gentle

caressings, blending

time with experience;

life with love; glances

with touches; breath

with intention; thoughts

with purpose, so take

delight in our communal

sharing as we descover

each other in our hearts.

I was made whole, yet

incomplete until you,

for who can know a

whole truth when only

half of it has been

experienced, so take me

in your heart and let me

find my home in your

arms, as my soul sings

the words: You and

I and Love to the rhythm

we make, we two together.


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Day 290 – I Go Learning, Searching, And Breathing

To Close Your Eyes


Closing my eyes

I go searching

through the


of my heart,

searching for

the breath

lingering  between

the constant

beating of this

sacred heart

forever loving

you; seeking out

eternity where

our souls merge

into one beautiful



Closing my eyes

I finally learn to

see a veiled truth.

I was whole, yet

still incomplete

for a door to a

forgotten room

was lost and locked

– then you came with

your hidden key –

Teaching  me the full

lesson that I was

always worthy and

made who, just shut

out of events until you,

my greatest teacher,

opened the door to my

heart and stepped right in.


Closing my eyes

I breathe deep,

deeply breathing in

the fragrance of this

love, this love welling

up inside my soul. So

breathe deep, love, and

inhale the great draughts

of this universal love, take

from me this unending

wellspring of love, receive

it with your heart and soul

opened wide; let this love take

you to that higher space where

our souls will unite. Breathe

in this love and become

one with life, breathe in this

life and become one with

love eternal, where lover and

beloved a joined in the breath.


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Day 276 – Take This Person

Breathe Into Your Sacred Space


Take this heart, love;

– this beautifully

vulnerable heart –

and do what you will.

It was given with

love’s truest intentions,

to always light your

way home in the darkest

night. Take this heart,

love; and breathe into

your sacred space.


Take this soul, love;

– this tattered and

worn out soul –

and do as you see fit.

It has found many answers

to the imposing questions

that have been long sought

out in you. Take this soul,

love; and breathe into

your sacred love.


Take this union, love;

– this meager collection

of joy and misery –

and do what you want.

It has learned much to

teach very little and

in the face of action

stood frozen in thought.

Seeking out happier days

through longer and happier

nights. Take this union,

love; and breathe into

your sacred space.



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