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The Sky

Gentle Reminders


Go out and look up

at that magnificent sky.

What do you see there?

A blue sky, white clouds, the dark

inky space, the sun

that burns so bright, the austere

moon, those distance stars,

or those off color planets

shining from afar;

what do you see there? All those

lights are there to guide

you home – back to yourself and

reveal the beauty

within your sacredness that

reminds life of your blessed love.


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Wisdom and Star Light

Through The Narrow Paths


Wisdom comes to us

in variousĀ  ways, some through

the narrow path and

others through more obscure ways;

but wisdom will come

to us when it is needed

most and can be most useful.


Through the peerage of

the things of remembrances

past, we realize that

we are the children of stars,

we were born in the

heart and the passionate heat

of the star center of life.


Breathing life into

this moment, wisdom comes too;

through half ideas and

faltering doctrines, but it

comes still to be true;

no matter how lost one is,

no ray of star-light is lost.

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Day 231 – What Have You To Say

Questions And Answer


What have you to say

– my oceanic lover –

what –

when you find

have –

that life strands you

you –

away from your home

to –

surrounded by giants

say –

in the land of trees.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my mountain goddess –

what –

when you find

have –

yourself, solid of earth,

you –

become unbalanced

to –

transforming from life

say –

to life in unknown ways.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my ethereal lover –

what –

when you are too heavy

have –

with the dross of time

you –

and the plague of experiences

to –

to feel the lightness to root

say –

leaving your sacred heart

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my fire goddess –

what –

when your light starts

have –

to dwindle, being extinguished

you –

from maligned plans

to –

and a troubled heart

say –

for your souls becomes reactive.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my cosmic lover –

what –

when circumstance sends

have –

your heart and soul through

you –

a gauntlet of suffering

to –

so slowly you can’t see


or comprehend the divine purpose.

What have you to say?


* And the lover answers *


I –

who am always on

Am –

the cusp of life and death

Love –

continually give that which I receive.


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Day 215 – The Night Sky

To Look Out


It is wise

– looking out

at those darkening

skies where space

seems to shine

with little

jewels of light.


It is wiser still

– Feel the scope

of this grand

universe within

your beautiful

heart beating the

pulse of creation.


It is wise

– to wonder

in amazement

as the sparkling

flashes of light

pass by in arcs

of fantastic spasms.


It is wiser still

– To breathe this


universe of love

into your soul and

to create an ocean of

celestial vibrations.


It is wise

– to look out

into our great

universe and to

feel those creative

blessings to flow

through your being.

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Day 66 – Eye Wisdom

Through Your Eyes

Through your eyes

those of my beloved

I have gained access

to secret truths

laying latent in

ordinary poise

I have finally come

to realize that

the earthly goddess

dwells in our finite

beings as well as

the cosmic god

and I have learned

through your

most beautiful eyes

that life’s manifest

destiny lies with love

for love lies with life

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Day 46 – Love’s Truth

Your Love Spins Me


Your love spins me like

a top whirling into the

chaotic cosmos

igniting passions divine

yes your love spins me

as the dervishes of old

spun for the same cosmic love


Your love compels me

as a frolicsome song draws

a dancer to the

world’s burgeoning stage of life

Yes, your love compels

me as the flowers in bloom

raise each day to honor love


Your love stills me like

a tempering wind blowing

into a brick wall

gusting upward with great force

Yes, your love stills me

only to raise me upwards

towards the greatness of love’s truth

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My Cosmos, You the Stars

Here I Sit


Here I sit and gaze

looking out at my cosm

counting the passing

stars before my lit eyes


Seeing bright balls of light

flashing and ending

in a fizzle

or see the bright

luminescence shine

and grow in intensity

before exploding

into an inferno,

the supernova

of my life


What will come from all this

creation and destruction

abounding life with infinite zeal

contained all within the life

of the passing stars of my cosmos



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