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Bluest Winds and The Greenest Heart

A Rare Beauty


There’s a rare beauty

in this world, where

the eyes of the bluest

winds let loose their

movements to dance

inspired with the

three smokes of the

soul – that sacredness

which brings a light

joy and a peaceful

spontaneity that speaks

of your divine love.


There’s a rare beauty

in you that speaks

of a gentle strength

and a divine courage

that asks you to come

to the stage of life where

life gives opportunity

for you to dance your

soul’s sacred dance;

forever imbuing this

world with your beauty

made intimate in truth.


There’s a rare beauty

in this world where

the heart of the green,

green Earth plays the

song of love with the

rainbow water on the

streets, to lighten

hearts and elevates

our souls to give way

to the grand procession

of life with a lilting

step fated with grace.


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The Dance

The Great SamaH


Dar tariki tariqat –

in the darkness, the

path – it strays forward

far, ever taking you to

that higher space where

you enter onto the stage

of love; allowing that

sacred fullness dance you

to the rhythm of life.


Laylat al Qadr –

the night of destiny –

it calls you forward with

the language of silence

where the heart dances

you to the edge of love,

ever whispering to your

soul the breath of samaH,

where you become the dance.


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The Stage Of Life

Where The Fullness


Come you,

to the stage

of life and live

where the

fullness of love

dances to the

rhythm of life.


Come you,

to the center

of life reveals

that love is the

rhythm and

that rhythm

causes a graceful

balance in the

dance of life.


Come you,

to the stage

of love where

the heart guides

the dance of life

to the rhythms

of your soul.


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Open Up



If you have the

courage to look;

to open your eyes,

you will see that

the stars gather

to celebrate the

birth of your love.


If you have the

courage to sing;

to open your mouth,

you will see that

Nature will come

dancing to the

rhythm  of your love.


If you have the

courage to feel,

to open your heart,

you will see that

Life will culminate

grace within the

gentleness of your love.

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Life’s Beliefs


I believe in an

open vulnerability

that speaks of my

quiet truth, going

against my inner

nature, revealing

to you, always to

you – those delicate

meanings of this

heart and soul – united

in a generous love –  that

only an unprompted

vulnerability can bring.


I believe in a

living and breathing

sacredness that flows

gently through life;

it gives a perpetual

credence to my soul’s

urging to crack open

my heart daily and let

love  pour out from the

seams of the soul in the

form of  these words,

these actions; to live

your love truly whole.


I believe in the

breath found in

grace made eternal;

that divine presence

that fills each moment

we live with the playful

air of our movements

and through those acts,

our hearts find a stage

to dance our life upon,

those movements found

through grace breathe

our love into this world.




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Edge Of Love


Have you arrived yet,

to the center of your

sacredness, are you

there? It is there,

and only there that

life shows you it’s

fierce truth: that

life is rhythm, and

that rhythm causes

an unseen balance and

a profound grace. So come

you to the center stage of

life where fullness dances

you to the edge of love. There

on the edges of love I’ll be waiting

with my hand outstretched

ready for our dance.

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A Soulship

Accelerated Times


We are living in

accelerated times where

our love spins our souls

towards one another and I

found in myself in

a soulship with your sacred

heart which brings life to this soul.


We are living in

accelerated times where

love and beauty dance

to the rhythm of our love.

And we revel in

that ecstatic joy always

dancing through the days and nights.

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