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Day 10 – Day And Night

And Through The Days


And through the Light of Day

the sun shines a bit too bright,

it’s heat a bit too warm. It burns

all it touches, evaporating bodies

and leaving the vulnerable

star-seed of life’s soul vulnerable

to death’s aching thirst.


And through the dark of Night

the world descends into the

deepening coldness of the abyss.

It comes first as a calming balm

nurturing life back to health. As

night deepens, the coldness

stagnates, stifles, and coallesces

into am icy underworld where

naught but death lingers; forever

putting out the fire of life’s heart.


And through the times between

the bright day and the dark night

life lingers on, hanging by a

barren thread. Thawing out life

in the heat of morning’s light before

that life-granting sun becomes the

desolation of life. Those who survive

the heat through love’s gracious shade,

shall suffer through yet another

night. It forever fends off the cold

fingers of the constellations that

serve as a Light of Hope while

death washes over our bodies

in an icy harness that chokes our

voices to burgeoning quietness.


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Your Truth

The Darkening Path


In the darkness

of your path

– Dar Tariki tariqat –

We should remember

the river rock, made

smooth by the currents

constantly flowing over

and around it, yet retaining

it’s hardness and pereseving

it’s truth. Stilling it’s hardness

through the plying softness

engulfing it. Remembering the

river rock, remembers your

heart – it embodies the same

softness and hardness,

roughness yet is made smooth,

it raw and true, yet masked

by the mind’s agenda; hold

true to your truth; your are a

duality made into one whole.

It is good, Dar Tariki tariqat,

in the darkness of your path,

that you are beloved by Nature,

Man, me, God, the Goddess

Supreme, and the Universe.

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Through The Darkness

An Expanding Love


To find my path, I

lit the candles and took a

step forward, I take

with me a burning stick of

incense and a cup

of tea. I walk unsure of

my path, but towards certain love.


Through the darkness I

find solace, a gentle strength;

a certainty of

fate intervening with

destiny guiding

me towards a fully realized

and ever expanding love.

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The Dance

The Great SamaH


Dar tariki tariqat –

in the darkness, the

path – it strays forward

far, ever taking you to

that higher space where

you enter onto the stage

of love; allowing that

sacred fullness dance you

to the rhythm of life.


Laylat al Qadr –

the night of destiny –

it calls you forward with

the language of silence

where the heart dances

you to the edge of love,

ever whispering to your

soul the breath of samaH,

where you become the dance.


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You Too

To Come To Love


You too shall walk this

path strewn with diamonds

yet shrouded with the

mists of confusion, that

forever blind you to your

attainments, feeling

the pain of sharp

crystals under your feet

drawing the strength of

your blood out from

your foundation – yet

you must continue onward.


You too shall walk this

path through the vale

of tears where nothing

is as it seems, beguiling

the mind into the deepening

silences that echo through

the weary mind. Take

solace in the face of

that ennui, and find

the courage to feel what

is for you to feel, opening

up to that experience.


You too shall walk this

path to the places you

will be from, and you

must trust in your

greatness. In the silences

that are to come, God

or the Goddess, will come

to you from the confines

of your heart echoing the

sentiments that you are

to stretch the edges of your

soul to come to love.



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I See You There

Divine Wisdom


I can feel you there,

feel your loneliness

as I sleep all alone

here. I can feel

that suffocation

of your baited breath,

feel it as your thoughs

descend,yes I can feel

it and my heart hurts

for your agony; but

I know one thing, the

only thing that matters,

that you are strong,

strong enough to embrace

the gentleness of love.


I can see you there,

you with your

blessed nobility and

haunted mind. I can

see your thoughts

belittling you and

darkening your smile.

You must remember.

Remember your truth:

That it is a blessed eternity

where you are everything;

that you breathe love and

live joy, and are sacreness

in human-form. So smile. Yes,

smile, my beloved friend,

and in remembrance of things

to come, and visit those

places your stories are living,

become who you are always

meant to be, the holder of

the divine wisdom of your love.

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To Arrive

Breathe In Love


I have arrived,

coming home to

my intricate self,

having born those

ugly pains through

the seven layers of

my implacable hell, I

found my breath still

flowing and my heart

still beating. Yes I have

arrived home to my

heart to find in the end

that the true vision of

things seen is simply

a melding of the many

worlds birthed by

a sacred love.


I have arrived,

traipsing through

the celestial garden’s

of a lover’s heart. I

have come home to

my heart after an

eternity of darkness;

for any moment of

doubt, and moment of

dispute in the heart

bares the weight of

eternity, and each

night I shall sing in

glorious colors to honor

love’s sacred sight.

Yes, I have arrived to

find beauty in this

and all worlds near

and far, to breath in

life’s blessings in love.


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The Broken Mirror

The Great Sorrow


It is to you,

the whole of

humanity that

I speak to. I

feel to repent

for your mistaken

beliefs of me. You

speak of greatness,

you speak of love, you

touch on the platitudes

of light and wonder

when you look onto me,

and I have allowed that

error to grow in magnitude.

But you see, that is not me.

That is in you, in all of you. I

am merely a shattered

mirror, broken but reflecting

your magnificence back

onto you with shards of

radiant light bouncing

everywhere, off into

obscure angles. I am a

broken mirror always

reflecting the viewer’s

persona, never my own.

I have let your thoughts of

me fester into a troublesome

weight that I wish not to

carry anymore. I grow weary

of bearing that weight, I grow

weary of that deception, I grow

weary of that forlorn penitence.

I have little worth within myself,

as a cracked mirror and have

just as much luck too.


It is to you,

the world of wild

inhabitants, that I wish

to make an amends. I

have taken you forgranted

in this feeble life of mine,

presumed a certain right to

your being. I have taken far

more from you than I have

returned back unto you. I

have breathed great quantities

of your air without much

gratitude, I have ate the

flesh of your animals, and

fibers of your plants, with

a few mere words of prayer

(some only out of habit) and

in that consumption I have not

given you your fair share, I have

not make your greatness any

better, nor the weight you bare

any lighter. I find myself lacking

in worth of what you have given

and still give to all life here, and

I am loathe to continue in this

crime. You are to be raised up,

honored, and celebrated more

than Men, more than life, more

than all. My only wish is that

with this amends you are less

burdened, I am sorry for

all the pain I have caused on

your surfaces and hope that

those acts will soon cease.

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The Darkening Night


One day a night will come,

arriving on the eve of the

heart’s great battle, feigning

a moment’s delight in the

greater pain of the soul.

And during that night a

choice will be made, either

through the heart, or

with the mind’s forlorn

capacity. Breathe through

that decision and let your

heart shine forth, for even

in the darkest of nights a

candle can be seen, and in

the coldest of winters one

hug can warm a belittled

heart. With that breathe a

new knowledge will come

to view: that only together

can we be the stewards

of our shared destiny in love.

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Day 247 – Time To Breathe

Just Be


What are you waiting for?

It is time to breathe, love

breathe with a set intention

to fill your ever-present

heart with love, covering

your body with the blanket

of emotions, insulating your

tender feelings with the warmth

of an external furnace, with

the platitudes of cosmic love.

So, take this moment and breathe

my love, just be and breathe.


What are you waiting for?

It is time to breathe, love

breathe into the stillness

of your chaotic heart, calming

those palpitations of a heightened

state of vibrancy, let loose those

sweet pangs that excited you

and your celestial heart, letting go

gently and with your inherent

grace that softens the hardest of hearts.

So, take this moment and breathe

my love, just be and breathe.


What are you waiting for?

It is time to breathe, love

breathe into the darkness

to ignite the light dwelling

in the darkest corner of your

eternal heart, shinning brightly

from the folds of the impenetrable

darkness that lies at the heart

of all creation, so take delight

in baring the light of love into the dark.

So, take this moment and breath

my love, just be and breathe.

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