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Day 227 – The Clarion Bells Ring

Within my Soul


In the depths of the

darkest hour – when

all seems to be

nearing oblivion –

a harrowing thought

brings forth my

inch of hope – a

saving grace – that

brings to me a light

lifting the burden

from my hardened

and heavy shoulders.


In the murkiness

of my soul – where

still waters run deep –

all seems to be engulfed

by a stagnant darkness

strangling out any

salvation for this, my

burgeoning soul, seeking

solace in the light, a light

that starts to shine forth

from the impenetrable folds

of the abysmal darkness.


In the depths of this,

the darkest hours – when

all seems to be lost – a

glimmer of hope bares

new light, echoing the

last sentiment of water –

dance always with the rocks,

never cease from flowing

towards the greater source –

Be like the water to find

your manifest destiny: visible love within a soul.

    I found my light within you




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