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Fierce Melodies

Take This Cup


The spirit sports with time

always dancing through various

bodies to the song of Love.

Those delicate yet fierce melodies

crown life with a radiant

nimbus that fills our hearts with

that delicious elixir. It breathes

the purpose of life into every soul.

So take this cup and drink from

it all the love that you deserve.

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Day 121 – Dance, Breathe, and Drink

To Know A Secret

Dance in the

ecstasy that

is not knowing

Dance frantically

grasping at

your wits end

and you will

come to know

peace eternal

Breathe in the

confusion that

is laying in wait

for your purpose

driven life

Breathe fully

to know the

peace that is


Drink in the

mystery that

is the delicacy

of a blissfully

filled life

Drink deeply

that magic elixir

to find the

true secret of life

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