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Goodness, Truth and Beauty

The Holy Trinity


The power of the moon

affects us all, the 29

day cycle gives credence

to life, the tides raise

and fall as the moon waxes

and wanes, our emotions

flutter as the moon grows

and descends in fullness

through radiance; yes, the

moon has power over us all.


The power of the sun

embraces us all, the 11

year cycle gives credence

to the heat of our hearts,

the magnetic waves give rise

to our home’s polarity,

the gamma waves heats

and nourishes our home

and our bodies; the sun

has power over us all.


The Power of the Earth

nurtures us all, the 4

differing cycles that

dictate the growth of

life distills in us a great

vastness of a fortifying

strength, compelling life

to move forward towards

greater future, yes, the earth

has power over us all.


The holy trinity; the Moon,

the Sun, the Earth, each

have their power just as

the Father, the Spirit, and

the Son, each speaking to

the credence to Goodness,

Truth, and Beauty; for life

is great, and it is only great

for those who live greatly; yes

the trinity has power of us all

– though through living, we have

power over the holy trinity.


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Day 289 – Sacred Goddess Of Wisdom

To Live In The Heart


To you, you with the

heart of the green

Earth; love follows

swiftly towards

the blessings of

your sacred presence.

It is unto you whom

the world sings all

it’s glory, that my

sacredness always flows,

seeking expression

through your  graced

visions of  our infinite

and eternal love, which

nourishes all life.


To you, you with the

presence of the lofty

mountain; beauty stalks

quietly about your nimble

steps, always heading

inward towards your

effervescent soul. It is

unto you whom the world

praises sacred wisdom, that

my gratitude flows, seeking

always to honor your sacred

presence in my fleeting life

built from the ashes where

the temple of our union is

yet to be erected – that holy

ground of imminent love.


To you, you with the

soul of infinite skies,

wisdom falls behind

as you traverse the

greater inner world

of the heart’s design,

always seeking a path

to the hearts of those

whom you have loved.

It is unto you whom the

world prostrates down

before, for the greatness

dwelling in you shall carry

forth the blessings of

sacredness. With one word,

you inspire me, the present

personification of all man,

to tear down the inner

dams I have built up in the

name of  protection to allow

the River Love to flow. So, I let

it flow continually onward,

finally coming to bask in the

sacred presence of you, the

sacred Goddess of wisdom

living within my heart.


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Day 284 – Elemental Love

Love’s Sacred Union


I came from Love

and to love I shall return.

Baring the sacred union

within my quivering soul, I

seek you out to give my

heart in Gratitude.


I came from Water

and to water I shall return.

Bringing constant change to

the landscape of your vulnerable

heart, always to give an outlet

for your soul to thrive.


I came from Earth

and to earth I shall return.

Forming the foundation

on which you will build a

nurturing love that fills this

world with wonder and peace.


I came from Fire

and to fire I shall return.

Inciting active movement

towards an embracing love

where the “I-s” and “You-s”

are burned in the sacred union of “We”


I came from Air

and to air I shall return.

Lifting the wings of

angels as I move always

upwards toward your lofty

soul and your brilliant love.


I came from Space

and to space I shall return.

Breathing out expansive peace

as I near your presence, only

to breathe in your soul’s

ever-expanding love-fragrance.


I came from Life

and to life I shall return.

Tempting fates with the

passing from love and

the coming to love through

love’s sacred procession, singing

the hymns yet to be written


I came from Love

and to love I shall return.

Joining in the sacred union

of our souls precious song;

performed with our heart’s

longing vibrations of contact.

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Day 269 – It Came To Me

The Words Of Another


It came to me

through the words of

another: Be like water,

find your solace in the

hidden depths of your

eternally emerging soul.

Find your repose through

the dance of life, always

flowing through, dancing

around the obstacles; finding

your ineffable source

through love’s movement.


It came to me

through the words

of another: Be like

Earth, impassively

nurturing and

inescapably expansive.

Find your strenght

through stillness, always

lifting life up towards

the skies; allowing

life’s roots to reach

your sacred heart.


It came to me

through the words

of another: Be like

life, breathe through

these native moments

which roam the world

over, ever seeking the

unguarded hearts and

expressive acts of

steadfast love, always

allowing space for the

flowering of love.

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Day 261 – Come To Be True

Heart Of The Green Earth


Come and tread the ceaseless

ocean of celestial vibrations,

feeling all around you the

entire universe touching

your infinite beauty and

with the eyes of the blue

wind you shall look out to

see your vast magnitude

reflected back onto you

through your own eyes that

shade the bluest wind from

the drying stars of radiant light.


Come and sing the eternal

song of the mighty majestic,

striking deep within the seems

of the lasting soul, always feeling

the enlightening magnitude of

your sacred appointment in this

dynamic universe as you take

delight in the surrounding

darkness, for that is where the

heart of the green earth lies forever

singing love’s song – through creation –

with the last long stars held in space.


Come to sound the clarion bells

held aloft of your windswept soul

singing in ever pure tones the muted

words you long to hear with your

heart, La elaha ill’ Allah, taking the

fragrance of those words into the

cleansing breath of the purple

lavender forever taking that

sacred breath into your native

moments forever roaming the

world seeking vulnerable hearts

and expressive acts of flowing love.



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Day 252 – The Ode To You

Be Embraced By Love


You –

who sees through

the veil of pain

and tragedies of life

and glimpse the

vast view of beauty’s

bountiful landscape –

light the candle that

burns ever in the dark

tempting a curious

discovery of my eternal

and infinite self.


You –

who has torn of

the rags of egoism

and swaddled yourself

in the alluring comfort

of love – have traversed

the vastness of man’s

heart to learn the true

nature of humanity’s

sacred destiny and would

impart the same unto

my still healing heart.


You –

who walks to feel

the dirt of a new

country with graced

steps bare, digging deep

into the great Mother

herself to find a wold

purified by your sacred

presence – lure me out

to play among the wild

grasses and be totally

embraced by love.



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Day 231 – What Have You To Say

Questions And Answer


What have you to say

– my oceanic lover –

what –

when you find

have –

that life strands you

you –

away from your home

to –

surrounded by giants

say –

in the land of trees.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my mountain goddess –

what –

when you find

have –

yourself, solid of earth,

you –

become unbalanced

to –

transforming from life

say –

to life in unknown ways.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my ethereal lover –

what –

when you are too heavy

have –

with the dross of time

you –

and the plague of experiences

to –

to feel the lightness to root

say –

leaving your sacred heart

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my fire goddess –

what –

when your light starts

have –

to dwindle, being extinguished

you –

from maligned plans

to –

and a troubled heart

say –

for your souls becomes reactive.

What have you to say?


What have you to say

– my cosmic lover –

what –

when circumstance sends

have –

your heart and soul through

you –

a gauntlet of suffering

to –

so slowly you can’t see


or comprehend the divine purpose.

What have you to say?


* And the lover answers *


I –

who am always on

Am –

the cusp of life and death

Love –

continually give that which I receive.


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