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Day 222 – Leisure Time

In All The Free Time


If you have the

good fortune and

grand leisure to

spends so much

time in your head,

don’t you think

time could be

spent better if –

just for a moment –

you let yourself

be completely undone,

a dismantling of

the stronghold

of our thoughts

and a freeing of

our soul eternal.


If you have the

god’s fortune and

the great leisure to

spend so much

time in your head,

shouldn’t you take

a few breaths that

releases your hold

onto those ethereal

concepts that cannot

ever be touched – just

let them go – and feel

yourself deeply rooted

within your self, and

in those few moments

where the breath

expands our heart’s scope

this life presents us

with reunions of a sort,

it lights the way that

brings us back to our

soul’s home with love.


If you have the

good fortune and

god’s leisure then

you can find the time

to just breath and

feel that breath elevate

your soul to such great

heights, and with each

breath passing with

mindful intent humanity

is nurtured in the lap

of love and our thoughts –

being bigger and more

grand than you could

haveĀ  imagined – wells up

from the universal mind that

always takes the time to

completely unwind

and let those weak

thoughts fall away so that

the heart can fully shine forth

it’s beholden and holy light.



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