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Will You Hear?

When The Gods Speak


The Gods spoke to us

with an austere patience and

a cold competence

repaying our questions with

riddles to answer

the silent question we all

hide in the depths of our hearts.


The Gods speak to us

every single day we live

through means unknown of

Whispering silent longings

to unite with all life

in all realms of holy life

conscious, subconscious, divine


The Gods will speak to

everyone, every moment

speaking in tongues known

only in the natural world

we shall decipher

the language with our hearts and

realize the messages soul



Will you lend your ear

and hear the call meant for you

whispers in the wind

tempt you to go forward now

It’s best to heed them

those calls of divine purport

rearranging destiny’s path


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For You, Always

Always For You


With a heart full of hope

and a soul filled with love

I formed this world for you

always for you


With eyes of transparent beauty

and ears of ethereal harmony

I perform the dance of life for you

always for you


With divine intent printed on my brow

and holy reticent flowing in my veins

I praise the life of beauty’s love for you

always for you




Always for you

I pray the gods sing to you

breathing holy psalms with bated breath

and tempting desire with innocuous passions


Always for you

I color the world tried with true love

Painting with bloodied fingers

and seeing true beauty with celestial eyes


Always for you

I run the world ragged for you

stumbling on with a weary body

and ambling forth with a jovial soul



For you, always

the stranger turns to friend

in the delight of passing time

and the range of a spontaneous heart


For you, always

A new day dawns in radiant light

bringing to life new beauties unfurled

with the invigorating gasp of mornings breath


For you, always

the nocturnal dance goes on

Twisting around in graceful motifs

exhilarating passions with betwixt minds




With melodies dancing in the wind

and sculptures grown from seeds

Nature inspires creations new art

For you, always


With an unknown mind

water runs wildly down the mountain side

raging onward towards a greater unknown

For you, always


With confusing riddles as answers

and contradictions as proofs

the gods spoke truth through life

For you, always

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