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Day 362 – Infinite Grace



You, in your

infinite grace,

wash upon the

shore of eternity,

forever dancing

at the edges of

strange sights.

You, in your

grand eloquence,

laugh as  you

descend ever

deeper into the

pool of love, where

we shall meet. You

and I shall take

each other’s hands

and hold tightly as

we allow our souls to

soar in God’s sacred

magnificence, forever

taking in all that

beauty that follows

love; entering our

unified heart.

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Day 353 – Laylat -alQadr

A Day Without You


It was on an evening

quite like this, my

Laylat – alQadr,

a night of destiny,

where my fated path

brought our two

hearts together,

embracing each

other’s sacred love

with honesty and

grace. Since that

night of destiny,

the night where our

fated paths had

crossed, I have grown

more grand with your

loving hands. I crave

your silences, as I

desire your presence,

for a day without

your beauty, a day

without your grace,

is a day where my

heart cannot breathe.

You have given this

heart breath, passion,

reason, and most

importantly love.



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Day 295 – Upon The Wings

We Two Together Became


Upon the wings of

a butterfly Nature’s

song came to our

ears as we were

seen dancing in the

moonlight. Pulling

my soul close to your

heart and my heart

deeper into your soul,

we two lovers; together,

we two became one entity,

we two together became love.


Upon the graces of

angels life’s soul was

set apart to be purified

through love’s mystery.

Igniting my heart with

the sacred candle of your

love as my flame feeds the

fuel of your heart’s vibrant

fire, forever uniting us in

this moment, all moments

rolled into now, uniting us

in all actions formed through

this gripping kiss, we to

lovers of the sacred beloved

became one act – the lasting

kiss of eternity’s heart,

we two together became love.


Upon the lips of a

goddess, the sweetest

words were uttered unto

my soul. Filling me, my

heart and I, with the ardor

that life holds towards all

life. Tempting fated destiny

into honoring love by living

gratitude and breathing into

the love that binds the life

of two uniting souls together.

Taking two beloved souls into

one sacred heart where a unity

of love is formed through gentle

caresses and loving eye contact,

we two together became love.

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Day 279 – Old and Young Hours

The Dance Of Life


In the old hours

of the fading day

my thoughts turn

to your elevated soul

still lingering here

though your body was

long left this place;

always breathing in the

love that we still share

knowing  soon that our

paths will cross and our souls

shall join in this love

the dance of life.


In the young hours

of the racing night

my thoughts wash

back to me purified

by your loving presence

as your soul lingers in

my ever-expanding

heart imbuing this body

with an infinite grace

and unaware beauty;

knowing that our union

shall join in this love

the dance of life

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Day 277 – Within My Being

The Creatures Within


Within my being

there is another;

Within my heart

their lies a dragon

slumbering in peace

And you came along

singing your songs,

filling the space in

my heart with grace;

and unknowingly you

woke up the once peaceful

dragon. Stirring him to an

agitated state. For you love is tenacious –

bearing down with immense

power, bringing exhilaration

with anxious fear, and most

importantly your love, like

this dragon, brings forth a

curiosity of what is to come.

So  as it is within, when

the dragon of my heart

stirs and you are around

my heart knows the full

power of  scope of union’s love.


Within my being

there is another;

within my heart

their lies a merciless

sphinx pacified by time,

chained by circumstance.

You came along and found

her cave in my heart; taking

pity on her and her plight

you set loose her binds and

set her free not knowing

her ways. Once free she set

her fierce eyes upon you – the

goddess on light in my heart.

Demanding answers from your

sacred heart to appease my

wavering mind. So as it is

within, the sphinx of my

heart demands answers

to justify it’s own past.


Within my being

there is another,

within my heart

there is a troubled

phoenix hiding her

tears, stumbling upon

her rusted chains. And

you, the angel of mercy

wandering my heart’s

territory, have felt pity

for her and decided to set

her free. Loosening her binds

you loosen your own, and

set your soul free to fly, as

you give my soul the gift of

rebirth through the death

of my older self, the death

of my past and birth into now.

As it is within, my soul now

flies with yours through

the celestial playground

of love’s sacred union.

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Day 271 – With The Sun

Daily Practice


With the rising sun

I bow, bowing low

in every direction

– always towards you –

I bow in praise of the

goddess clothed in

your wondrous beauty.

Being lifted by your grace,

I bow in praise of your

celestial beauty all around me

– always facing you –

in every direction

I bow, bowing low

with the rising sun.

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Day 254 – On This Day

The Universe Speaks


On this day

born of grace

the universe

reminds us to

smile for its beauty

surrounds all life

– it permeates life

through love and

gratitude – spreading

with each passing

gracious act of

surrender to beauty’s

sacred strength.


On this day

risen with love

the universe

reminds us to

laugh for its

glory creates

us too, awakening

life to star particles

and taking the long

and slow path of

evolution to

culture love in

the hearts of life.


On this day

full of love

the universe

reminds us to

breathe – to fill

not only the body

but the lungs

with the nurturing,

life  giving and

extending presence –

into the sacred space

where our souls

grow with love.


On this day

born of grace

the universe

reminds us to

love one another

wholly and completely –

letting our hearts

sing  out in equitable

tones matching

harmony’s gracious

sacredness – and to

breathe in the love

that surrounds us always.

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