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It Does Happen Sometimes



It happened slowly

but was impossible

to stop, it came, and

it happened to me

as it happens to

every life exposed

to bear the heart’s

truth. It happened

on a day like this,

and on that day, I

found my wings,

found them being

pinned by love,

but through you I

also found that my

soul still soars, higher

than I ever could

have imagined. It

happened and

I am happy.

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Day 336 – Mind And Heart

Completely Inadequate


Everything we tell

ourselves, all that

we think we know,

every single thing

the mind seeks as a

response, the heart

already knows to be

completely inadequate.

So put aside your mind,

and stay your thoughts,

for the wisdom of the

heart is greater by far.

Once we find outselves

on the path of the heart,

we come to see that

happiness is a choice we

can choose with every

moment that passes, and

for those who choose, it is

a blessing bestowed onto

the entire world, for the

joy we experience in this

life is not limited in scope,

but rather it grows exponentially

with every good thought

we share with others. So breath

deeply, resting your thoughts

to allow your heart to reign

over your life. Breathe deep

in joy, breath deep in love

and live your path through life.

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Day 318 – Inwards And Outwards

Always Flowing


Flowing inwards as

we look outwards, love’s river

nourishes our hearts;

Looking outwards as life flows

inwards, consciousness

elevates our sight breathing

into each moment

brings a peace where love shall reign

as a new gladness flowers.


Flowing outwards where

a music reigns supreme in

the greater scale of

nature’s chaotic meter,

life breathes to a beat

that only the heart can know,

looking inwards where

only the eternal eye

can see, our heart breathes in song


Flowing outwards the

same as inwards life dances

eternally to

Nature’s rhythm, seeking to

bring our hearts into

a flowering harmony

that strives to always

unify all life with our

sacred hearts to know true peace.

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Day 172 – I Was There

The Torch

I was there,

at the beginning

of all things

bringing life

into this creation’s

realm where the

creator masks his

pain with ecstatic

art and puts his

heart, if not his

living soul, into

the objects of his

creative prowess.

I was there.

I was there

at the end

of all things,

moving life

into a dissipated

new world of

bountiful lights

spreading over

the universe proper

emanating from

the depth of

your loving heart.

I was there

I was there

present through all

time bearing

the honored

sights through

through life’s

trials of suffering

– holding the

torch of hope –

and the tribulations

of a gilding joy

– carrying the

torch of merriment –

I was there for

I was the spirit of love

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Day 45 – Are You Feeling This

Can You Feel This?


Are you feeling this

a spacial movement of life

pulling our souls down

the bloodied path where

love and creativity

live hand holding hand

ceasing not to let go ’til

our last sacred breath flows out


Are you feeling this

a flowing color blowing

through our happy hearts

and igniting a fury

of creative stir

always innocuously

bestowing the pains

of birth through eace tired breath

and a gasping of glad hope


Are you feeling this

a flowing movement of love

pushing our souls through

the muddy path of blessings

confounding the mind

with unheralded fruits that

bring even more gifts

through the hardships that our lives

pass through while holding to love

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DAY 29 – Radiate Love



People of the heart

know to embrace life’s delight

the one and only

joy and use it to light up the night

yes, those ecstatic

makers know to carry joy

in they hearts and give love out


People of the soul

know to release life’s crime

the singular act

that severs life from dear life

yes, those eternal

lovers know that you are soul

and that you are love itself


People of the eyes

know to reflect life’s joy

the various themes

that enhance life’s true movements

yes, those whimsical

creators radiate love

in everyone who sees them 

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Day 8 – Ordinary Moments

Joy And Love


The joy your lovable

heart stores

manifests love

in abounding life

Impressing the importance


that each moment

spent in love contains


The love you joyful

soul breathes

infuses bliss

in ordinary life

Uplifting life’s moments


heightening the awareness

that bliss sustains


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