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Day 10 – Day And Night

And Through The Days


And through the Light of Day

the sun shines a bit too bright,

it’s heat a bit too warm. It burns

all it touches, evaporating bodies

and leaving the vulnerable

star-seed of life’s soul vulnerable

to death’s aching thirst.


And through the dark of Night

the world descends into the

deepening coldness of the abyss.

It comes first as a calming balm

nurturing life back to health. As

night deepens, the coldness

stagnates, stifles, and coallesces

into am icy underworld where

naught but death lingers; forever

putting out the fire of life’s heart.


And through the times between

the bright day and the dark night

life lingers on, hanging by a

barren thread. Thawing out life

in the heat of morning’s light before

that life-granting sun becomes the

desolation of life. Those who survive

the heat through love’s gracious shade,

shall suffer through yet another

night. It forever fends off the cold

fingers of the constellations that

serve as a Light of Hope while

death washes over our bodies

in an icy harness that chokes our

voices to burgeoning quietness.


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Day 8 – Manifesting God



Why is it?

– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

as man and not God?


– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

to walk on water?


– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

to fulfill his singular desire?


– That when God manifests

in this world, he does

through the experience of LOVE.

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To The Land

The Allowance


To allow in

and allow out

to the land

and the sea

where the cropped

rocks starve

and the silver

waters breathe

exhausted without rest.


To let out

and let in

to the earth

and the sky

where the golden

stars lie

in wait for our souls.


To show in

and show out

to the physical

and the ethereal

where the beating

hearts wake

to the beauty of life


To be out

and be in

to the sea

and the land

where the lingering

smile meets

the longing gaze

– love is there.

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The Call

Only Love Could Answer


I have heard their call,

the sisters of the sky –

where the stars all gather

to celebrate our beauty –

I have heard their call

that life is a mystical

experience to be lived

with devotion to love.


I have heard their call,

the brothers of the earth –

where life all gathers

to honor our presence –

I have heard their call

that all life is a ritual

which our souls perform

with reverence to life.


And I have heard their call,

the family of distant pasts –

where wisdom gathers to

shape a future guided by love –

I have heard their call

over the river of silence

where life came knocking

and only love could answer.

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Gathering Stars

Life’s Vista


It is true that the

stars – visible and

innumerable – all

gather to celebrate

the birth of your love,

to be touched by the

gods and given the

beauty which that touch

has brought leaves the

rest of us unable to speak.

That fated moment where

grace became manifested

in the hearts of mankind

bring a terrifying beauty

to this world and a manifold

purpose to¬† life’s delicate

balance. We are all seekers,

in a way, looking towards

others for our sacred truth,

and looking back through

life – personal and global – we

see through the pains and

tragedies of life and come

to view the vista of life

lives in the truth of beauty’s

divine bounty: your heart.


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Life Is Singing

The Siren’s Song


I have heard her song

sung in many tongues,

her call beckoning me

forth to her side, to always

walk beautifully with my

feet in her waters.


I have read her words

written by many a hand,

her hand waving me

forever far to always

talk beautifully with my

mouth filled with her words.


I have felt her wonders built

resplendent through serene

grace, ever aware of that

divine fragrance to always

live beautifully with my life

eternally bound by her cause.


I have tasted her truth

made ready with the spices

of life, her elegance emanating

high on a lofty brow, to always

love beautifully with my heart

infused with her grace.


Yes, I have heard her song

sung by every mouth in every

tongue always calling forth

to life to come and rejoice

in her sacred waters, to

always live with that Tapas:

that sacred flame in the heart of life.

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Your Truth

The Darkening Path


In the darkness

of your path

– Dar Tariki tariqat –

We should remember

the river rock, made

smooth by the currents

constantly flowing over

and around it, yet retaining

it’s hardness and pereseving

it’s truth. Stilling it’s hardness

through the plying softness

engulfing it. Remembering the

river rock, remembers your

heart – it embodies the same

softness and hardness,

roughness yet is made smooth,

it raw and true, yet masked

by the mind’s agenda; hold

true to your truth; your are a

duality made into one whole.

It is good, Dar Tariki tariqat,

in the darkness of your path,

that you are beloved by Nature,

Man, me, God, the Goddess

Supreme, and the Universe.

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Fierce Melodies

Take This Cup


The spirit sports with time

always dancing through various

bodies to the song of Love.

Those delicate yet fierce melodies

crown life with a radiant

nimbus that fills our hearts with

that delicious elixir. It breathes

the purpose of life into every soul.

So take this cup and drink from

it all the love that you deserve.

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One Day

The Holy Now


One day –

perhaps today –

you will know, more

than knowledge can say,

that Greatness abounds here;

that Greatness abounds there, that

Greatness abounds all around.

It is more than knowledge

can say and perhaps

it is today that

you know.



One day –

perhaps today –

you will feel more

than experience can show,

to feel the strength of Beauty

lying within your heart, the strength

of Beauty lying without your body, the

strength of Beauty everywhere. It is more

than a fleeting experience of your body,

more than what experience can show,

that you will feel more, perhaps

that day is today to feel,

perhaps it is here

for all time.



One day –

perhaps today –

you will see, see more

than vision can allow, that

Truth is beauty made manifest,

that Truth is a courageous strength

that only Greatness opens up to that

sacred strength that grows from

the Beauty held within, as it

is distilled without the

body made holy.


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Some Days

Life Flows


Some days life just flows

with ease and no real

cause, other days we find

ourselves struggling for

each idea, but ideas come.

Such is this life, ease and

difficulty, softness and

hardness, energy and

lethargy. We push, we move,

we cause, we effect, we

expand, we contract. Life finds

it’s true balance as we live

each day, and in the

magnetic flow that is our

lives, we find a growing joy

through our pleasure and

our pain. So go on flow with

life you creative tour-de-force

and generate the generous

love that is our calling in life.

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