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Day 363 – You And I

When Love Unites


You live here

and work there,

you inhale here

and exhale there,

but you spread your

love everywhere.

It permeates the

air we all breathe,

and we become

rightly charged with

love. So we all can

live over here

while working there,

breathing in here

and breathing out

over there, sending

love out everywhere.


I beat the drum

inside my heart,

and I bang the drum

outside my body, infusing

life with music while

I initiate myself

within the troupe of

love. Sending my

internal song out

into this wild world

of rhythms where

souls can merge

under the guise of

dance and hearts can

join in the ecstasy

eternal love.



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Day 355 – The Works Of Nature

Set Up In Hearts


Nature works in

auspicious ways,

ascribing parts

of her self to

different people,

so I cannot say for

everyone, but I

have come to find,

quite by chance,

the reason I am

here. I knew it

as soon as I bore

witness to your

magnificence. I

knew that the

reason I came to

this place was to

spread the words,

and speak your

sacred truths; my

reason for being

here is to love you,

love you above all.


I go wandering here,

and get lost there, but

in the process I can

see the source of

my happiness, the

springs of joy’s

radiance, and I

find that it is always

born from your

smile, the source

of all the happiness

this world has to

offer for me comes

from the diffused

meanings your heart

brings to my world.

Life and experiece

has taught me that you,

you are the source to

my lasting happiness.


Every person; you and I

and every other life,

sets up in their hearts

a cause to champion,

for some it is love,

for others it may be

patriotism, and still

others may be more

materially inclined, but

I, I have set up in my

raw and bloodied heart

a cause worthy of my

life eternal, and that

cause is you, all that

I do, all that I am, and

all that I am to become

is forever linked to

honoring you, you

whom life has blessed

with such beauty and

grace that I can’t help

but to cry at your sight.



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Day 352 – Magic Elixir

A Heart-Shaped Cup


Take this,

this heart-

shaped cup

filled to the

brim with

my love and

add your

sweetest kiss.


Drink this,

this magic

elixir that

has been

brewing in

my heart

until you

came with

your truth

and answers.


Take this,

this riddle

of my heart

and in your

sacred silences

pour forth

the answer

that only

you could

give with

your love.


Drink this,

this magic

potion that


our lives

through the

love our

eternal heart

shares in

continual joy.

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Day 348 – Your Sacred Love



In the silence

of one’s voice

we can hear

the wisdom of

love singing

out, calling

each of us to

give our edges,

along with our

centers, to give

all we have, to

that love, and

live the wisdom

of life itself.


In the silence

of one’s heart

we can hear

the wisdom of

life call to us,

inviting us to

give all unto

that sacredness

dwelling within

the seed of eternal

love, and then

to breath and

let all go, for in

this letting go,

all of life breaths

in this sacredness

that is love.


In the silence

of one’s voice

we can hear

the truth of

Love’s unified

call, singing forth

joy as all of life

celebrate the

greatness living

within your

beautiful heart

reflecting out

into this wild

and wondrous

world speaking

aloud of your love.

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Day 347 – Chills

The Sun And The Air


There is a

chill in this air,

this air that

we breath,

that speaks

of a closeness

in life as in

love too, there

is a chill here

that serves to

bring all life



There is a

warmth in this sun,

this sun that gives

light to see, that

speaks of a joy

in life as in

love too, there is

a warmth in

this sun that

serves to bring

all into the folds

of love.


There is a

gentleness in

this world, this

place of life’s

sacred dance, that

speaks of our

individual happy

place where all

of life is right, all

of life is grand. There

is a gentleness in

this world that

serves to aide me

in finding my happy

place within your

sacred heart.

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Day 333 – Here We Walk

Beauty’s Birth


Here we walk,

hand in hand

down the path

of our united path,

looking here, gazing

there, we two together

point out to each other

various curiosities.

Here we walk, hand

in hand as We peer

through the depths of

eternity wreathed in the

brilliant flame of

innocuous time and

clothed in the veil of

spacial experiences.

We two together have

seen eternity merge

with humanity’s infinite

soul; and in the coalescing

magnitudes beauty was

born in that and every

moment were life is

fully present. Here

we walk, and continually

see the birth of beauty

dawning before our

eyes with each step.

Here we walk.

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Day 321 – It Comes

One Point


It comes down to this:

life brings love to our meaning;

morning arms reach towards

resting beauty’s sacred sight

always striving for

one point of contact with your

love’s mystified dignity.


It goes with our love:

this feeling of connection

binding our hearts through

time and experiences;

one point of contact

propels the probing mind to

gathers the love in our hearts.


It beings like this:

the mounting a passions within

a desirous

kiss: this one point of contact

leads to the finding

of two souls already whole

made fuller with a shared love.



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