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Day 361 – The Things You Do



The things you do

seem to affect me

most when you

don’t know you’re

doing them, I become

afflicted by love when

you spontaneously

do something that

strikes at my heart.

You say, What do you

think, lifting the pitch

of the last word, and I

know that I am wholly

incomplete. When your

fingers twist and twine

with my hair, electricity

shoots down my spine,

bringing my heart

fully alive, fully

understanding that

life’s manifest destiny

lies within our love,


The things you do

affect me so, taking

me spiraling upwards

into the heavens where

only love exists, and I

see your face there too,

awaiting mine, as if

to show me that our

souls are joined in this

life. The way you

wash only your bangs

in the morning, or look

upwards to put your

secondary eyes in, melts

my heart and races my

pulse, but most of all,

the way you guide my

thoughts to your whims

and let me think it was

my decision is, by far,

the best thing you

could ever do. It is in

those native moments

that my unguarded heart

is sought out and expressed

through our shared love.



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Blurry Lines

The Dividing Line


There’s a line in life

undefined yet stark always

dividing the whole

experienced existence

separating the

world into heaven and hell

This invisble

line blurs and contorts the sight

the perspective of our lives


There’s a line in death

adhering to the realm of

life eternal and

it compels each of us to

choose – to define the

line, the blurry transactions

for a well rounded

and better understood

idea of the guiding line


There’s a line in all

that exists in this world too

a line that connects

as well as separates us

A line defined by

each of us personally

To come to know how

to define a love – that’s the

line between heaven and hell

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