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Day 12 – The Approaching Dawn



New dawn approaches

with a glistening sun, to

rise always with a

moment of pristine beauty.

Warming emotions

as dreadful thoughts fading fast.

Breathe in this morning’s,

and all morning’s, air to bring

greater clarity

to your soul. Take these moments

to bless and honor

your higher self with divine

intentions – it takes

strength to bare reverence in

each and every act.

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The Song Of Love

A Cosmic Song


Look up at the sky-

what do you see?

what do you hear?

Look up at night and

tell me for the language

of art is celestial in

origin and can only be

understood by the chosen

who can see and hear

beyond the greater beyond.


Those planets – all of them –

they move with a defined grace

making their music as they

dance through the sky. Do you

hear it, can you see it? Life

– all of life – makes their music

as they dance through movements,

whales sing as they swim, monkeys

call as they swing, people talk as

they walk, and moles cry out as they

scurry underground. Can you hear

it, can you see it? Even the trees and

plant life sing out through the winds;

open your ears and listen with you

hearts, surely you must hear this

plaintive song that stirs every heart.


This individualistic and yet

collective song is going on

all around us, through us, and

with us. The stars and planets

sing as they move the same

song life on earth sings, and it

lies on the air of hope that we

listen with our hearts to hear

this divine song ever singing of

love, and that we too, we too

shall sing our parts fully aware.

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A Happy Peace

Finding Happiness


Peace – it comes and goes

flowing with the breath

through a gentle mind.

Grasp not to your thoughts

and peace will grow.


Hope – it arrives

when you envision your

goals and trust in the love

that you feel towards

yourself and others.


Happy is the person

who can find their

peace and live in the

hope of a better future

clothed with love.

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Peace And Hope

Life’s Presence


Life comes in waves –

the good when it saves,

and the bad in it’s turn

each flowing until the other caves.


Both feed off of each other

and when the bad takes to brother

and theĀ  flames burn the air

filling the sails as they smother


We become a soul soon lost

through circumstance to bare that cost

it is important to find your breath

to establish peace soon crossed


Bearing presence to this event

we see a glimmer too soon lent

bringing peace and hope to this moment

vying for the grace time has sent.


So breathe deeply and feel this love

for love, always sent baring God’s dove

creates a lasting hope and peace in life

for each of us to live for our soul’s life above.

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God’s Whisper

Eternal Love


God’s whisper

came to me

through your

name – enticing

and intriguing –

bringing to my

heart a joyous

hope of the a

lingering and

loitering presence

of a possibility.


God’s whisper

came to me

through your

words – inspiring

and solidifying

a vulnerable

strength and

a holy reticence

throughout my

works and words

formed in love.


God’s whisper

echoes through

the stillness that

lies between

heartbeats – calm

yet suspended –

where the truth

of living is found

in the experience

of eternal love

found in your smile.



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Finding Yourself


Through life as it

is with experiences,

I have come to realize

each person is a world

of and within their own

selves. As a traveller I have

been permitted but just

a minute into that world;

it is a rare occassion when

love strikes an accord

between your world and

theirs, and you are invited

to share in both worlds, and

in time to join those world’s

into the garden of Eden. That

happens very little in this

world of egos, so when it does,

jump up my love and rejoice.

When that door opens for me,

I bow in homage and give

honor to the creator of that

world, and have just one,

and only one, hope. I hope to

get lost in that world, if for no

other reason to have the

opportunity to find myself

in that sacred heart.

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Looking With Receptive Awe

Reckless Wonder


With receptive eyes

one can look about

themselves and see

beauty’s austerity

all around: the stark

colors – blue and white,

brown and green, orange

and red, or any other

combinations; the merging

relationships throughout

Nature and humankind

too. Look about you

and see that reckless

wonder that the universe

puts in front of our eyes

each and every moment.

You can see all this, and

more too; if only you

look with receptive awe.

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A Radiant Honor


Look to the stars,

those radiant beings

that give life hope and

beauty. Look to the

sun and moon see

the truth of life:

evolution spins our

love round and

round, as we share

in our growth. So let

us look to the stars

and be inspired to

live a life full of love.


Look to life with the

eyes o the blue wind,

ever roving, ever kissing

the faces of those who

brave the cold winds. Yes,

look to life and see the

sacred honor of life: to

join in a soul’s convergence

with love. So let us look

to all life and and share in

that radiant joy that is love.

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If Only You Would Ask

I’d Come Running


If you would only

ask, I’d come

running to your

side; if only to tell

you how magnificent

you truly are. I’ll be

listening, so just a

mere whisper upon

the winds will reach

my ear, so whisper

gently into those

howling winds and

let your words fly

directly to me.


If you would only

ask, I’d come

running only to

give you the love

your heart and soul

so desperately crave.

I’ll be listening with

deep interest in the

clarion bells perched

atop your radiance; so

let your soul ring loud

and true, and I’ll be there.


If you would only

ask, I’d come running

with quick step and

an eager heart to

elevate your thoughts

to the throne of your

soul, always to breathe

in new experiences that

foster your heart’s sacred

growth, I’ll be listening

with heart and mind,

so let your heart sing its

song and I’ll be there.

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To Arrive

Breathe In Love


I have arrived,

coming home to

my intricate self,

having born those

ugly pains through

the seven layers of

my implacable hell, I

found my breath still

flowing and my heart

still beating. Yes I have

arrived home to my

heart to find in the end

that the true vision of

things seen is simply

a melding of the many

worlds birthed by

a sacred love.


I have arrived,

traipsing through

the celestial garden’s

of a lover’s heart. I

have come home to

my heart after an

eternity of darkness;

for any moment of

doubt, and moment of

dispute in the heart

bares the weight of

eternity, and each

night I shall sing in

glorious colors to honor

love’s sacred sight.

Yes, I have arrived to

find beauty in this

and all worlds near

and far, to breath in

life’s blessings in love.


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